Vertical Storage Rack Systems in Michigan

Every warehouse has unique needs based on their layout, the products they store, and the space they have available. The options are vast, but those looking to maximize storage and provide ease of access for long, thin products will find vertical racking beneficial.

Rather than high shelves that are inaccessible to customers, vertical shelves allow products to be stacked end on end. This allows customers to view merchandise and inventory with ease while still letting a business take advantage of the airspace within their warehouse.

What Is Vertical Racking?

Vertical racking is a storage option that allows products to be stacked on their sides or on one end rather than flat or horizontally. In the case of wood planks, sheets of metal, or sheetrock this makes great use of the vertical space within a warehouse.

Vertical racks are often mobile, making them easy to move from one location to another. They can be outfitted to handle light or medium duty products.

Vertical Storage Rack Systems

How Is Vertical Racking Beneficial?

Vertical storage rack systems are ideal for warehouses that need to utilize high ceilings and airspace. They allow products to be stacked vertically rather than flat which frees up valuable floor space for other products, walkways, or maneuvering of machinery. It decreases clutter and provides easy access for retrieval.

Vertical shelving comes in a variety of designs to meet your warehouse’s specific needs. They can be outfitted with support arms, rails, or drawers to store various types of products.

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. is an experienced and trusted racking company committed to helping their customers maximize their storage space. They can answer questions and customize a racking system that will be specific for your needs.

Contact us today and let us help you determine the most efficient and effective systems to improve the overall productivity of your warehouse, distribution or commercial operation.




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