Warehouse Racking System in Michigan


Choosing a storage and shelving system for your warehouse is an important step in the overall efficiency and success of your operation. Well thought out designs produce an organized system and a smooth workflow.

There are several types of warehouse racking systems available. Each one can be maximized in different ways.

Types of Racking Systems

Different racking options include:

Pallet racks
• Cantilever racks
• Sliding racks
• Vertical racks

Pallet racks are the most common type of racking options used by warehouses. They are versatile in that they can be moved, stacked, and rearranged with ease. This option typically requires the use of a forklift for unloading or rearranging, which means your warehouse design should include adequate aisle space for the forklift to maneuver.

Warehouse Racking System

Cantilever racks are a great option for warehouses that store and sell large, bulky items such as lumber, piping, or furniture. These racks are constructed from support beams in the back with freestanding arms that work as shelves. Their open design allows large materials to be stored and retrieved easily.

Sliding rack systems are good options for those looking to maximize space. Warehouses that store uniform products can benefit from standard storage racks that run on tracks. These units can be moved at the push of a button, allowing for compact storage with easy retrieval.

Those who need to store multiple sizes of product can benefit from sliding shelving units. The automated shelves can be arranged in various heights and widths to accommodate different sizes, and they’re still compact.

Vertical racks are a good option for the warehouse looking to maximize efficiency by utilizing vertical space rather than adding on to existing structures or building new facilities. These racks can accommodate products that can be stored vertically rather than horizontally, such as wood planks.

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