Warehouse Tire Storage Tips

If you stock tires in your warehouse, dealership, repair shop or fulfillment center then you must store them in such a way to prevent them from becoming damaged. Tires are prone to wear if stored improperly for lengthy periods. Always use high-quality and reliable heavy-duty shelving to keep them out the sunlight and to reduce outgassing which adversely impacts the layers of the tire leading to cracking.

Wipe down the tires before storing

Rubber tires are susceptible to damage from dirt and moisture so give your used and new tires a wipe down, before placing them on the tire storage racks or cantilever racks which allow for air circulation around the tires.

Debris can block the tire valve or create a slow leak after mounting. Moisture can permeate the casing and rust the steel cords which reduce the tire’s strength.

Choose your racks wisely

Tires are not easy to store. They are cumbersome, heavy and take up a lot of floorspace. If your floorspace is limited, consider placing them in a stackable rack. Tire racks can be made of boltless rivet shelving, pallet racks, wide span shelving and other heavy-duty shelving.

A single boltless rack for example, is ideal for a smaller garage or warehouse and enables you to access your tires easily using only a ladder. A boltless rack is easy to assemble and is adjustable to the size of tires you are storing.

Allstor boltless rivet shelving is a cost-effective and versatile solution that can be configured for any size and number of tires. It’s double keyhole design is simple to assemble and boasts a modular design so its easy to expand as your inventory grows. The tire units come in single-sided, double-sided and in multiple heights. Allstor rivet shelving is simple to customize and is a trusted name and superior product in industrial shelving.

Store them in a cool and dry location

Try not to expose your tires to extreme temperature fluctuations because it can affect a tire’s performance. Tires are made of rubber so they can outgas easily.

Avoid storing them in direct sunlight because the UV damage can be permanent. Tires that are exposed to too much sunlight can experience ozone cracking – small cracks in the sidewalls or the tread of the tire making them unsafe to drive.

Tires should not be stored near fluorescent lamps, electric motors and generators or other ozone generating sources because the rubber becomes brittle and cracks.

Also, don’t store them on the floor because the rubber attracts dirt and moisture which will eventually adversely impact the air pressure.

Store them upright on their treads so they are not under stress, torsion or pressure.

Label them for easy identification

Using product labels in your warehouse or fulfillment center can help you manage your tire inventory and reduce picking errors. If you label your tires with SKUs, your employees simply scan the SKU with a handheld device. Train your staff to place the labels on the same place for every tire.

Safety first

Ensure all your employees follow OSHA safety regulations when pulling tires from their racks. Whether it is using ladders and guard rails, forklifts or wearing safety footwear and gloves, their safety and the safety of those around them is the priority.

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