What Are the Top 3 Reasons to Invest in a Mezzanine Floor?


A mezzanine floor is a great space-saving solution if you want to expand your office or warehouse. Mezzanine floors can be used in a variety of environments, including warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, cold storage facilities, self-storage facilities, and grocery stores.

According to Global Market Insights Inc, these storage solutions are becoming increasingly popular, with the mezzanine market expected to reach $10 billion annually by 2030.

What is a Mezzanine Floor?

A mezzanine is an intermediate floor constructed between the floor and ceiling of a building. They are used to create additional floor space without adding to the building itself. Mezzanines can be built out of wood, steel, or aluminum and are a great way to add extra storage to your warehouse or additional workspace to your office.

Three Reasons to Invest in a Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine floors are helpful for storage facilities, grocery stores, manufacturing plants, and a range of other operations that use mezzanine floors to create additional space in their building, optimize workflow, and keep their inventory safe. Here are three reasons many businesses decide to invest in a mezzanine floor:

Optimizes Space

A mezzanine floor is a great way to optimize your existing space. You can double or triple your facility’s usable space by creating an additional level. This extra space is often used as additional desk space, product storage space, or a meeting area.

A major benefit of using a mezzanine to store inventory is a lower risk of product damage. Since the inventory is placed away from the main work areas, the odds of a forklift incident or other accident decrease dramatically. The additional storage space created by a mezzanine floor reduces the stress placed on pallets and racking systems, which can fail if overloaded.

Cost Effective

Perhaps the most common reason for purchasing a mezzanine is the ability to increase your storage capacity without a costly expansion.

Mezzanine floors are also quick and easy to install, so you save money on labor costs and reduce downtime compared to a more expansive building expansion.

In addition to being cost-effective to build, mezzanine floors can also help improve the efficiency of your shelving and racking system. The extra space created by the mezzanine floor allows operations managers to implement more streamlined inventory management systems than those available with traditional shelving options, greatly improving workflow.

This can save you time and labor costs in the long run, as you can find and retrieve inventory more quickly and with less effort.


Increases Warehouse Safety

Another common reason to invest in a mezzanine floor is the increased worker safety they provide. The extra space added by a mezzanine allows operations to avoid the overcrowding of inventory or the utilization of unsafe storage options, which helps the warehouse avoid potentially deadly accidents.

By installing a mezzanine, you have more space to create a safe and efficient organizational system that optimizes your employees’ workflow without hangups or possible accidents for workers.

Many warehouses store inventory that is not yet ready to be used on the mezzanine. Keeping this surplus inventory out of the way gives employees plenty of room to maneuver on the warehouse floor, and access aisles remain clear, reducing workplace injuries.

A mezzanine floor can also help improve the lighting in your warehouse; by installing additional lighting on the mezzanine floor, you can ensure that your employees have enough light to work safely and efficiently.

OSHA has a few standards that apply to mezzanines: Duty to Have Fall Protection, Fall Protection Systems Criteria and Practices, and Guardrail Systems Non-Mandatory Guidelines for Complying with 1926.502(b). Section 505 of the IBC standards handbook, “Mezzanines and Platforms,” lays out the requirements for mezzanine construction.

The project management team at Shelving + Rack Supply, Inc. can help you understand the OSHA standards and build you a compliant mezzanine.


We also offer various stairways and landings designed with safety and compliance standards. We stock mezzanine stairways in multiple angles, rises, and runs to keep your business in compliance as well as several handrail, guardrail, and safety net options to keep your employees safe.

We can help you determine the best stairway system for your facility by considering your warehouse setup and building codes. Call one of our experienced project managers, and we will help you choose the best option for your business.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Mezzanine Floor

There are several types of mezzanines available, including storage and office mezzanines. Storage mezzanines are intended for more rugged use, with a higher load capacity per square foot. On the other hand, office mezzanines are intended for lighter use, with a lower load capacity per square foot.

To decide which option is best, consider the type and weight of the products you’re storing and the shelving and racking system needed to store them. Shelving systems vary in weight, which will partially dictate the type of mezzanine you’ll need to purchase.

If you plan to use your mezzanine as an office or meeting space, you can choose a mezzanine that supports fewer pounds per square foot. If you plan to use your mezzanine primarily for storage purposes, you will need a mezzanine that can support a higher number of pounds per square foot.

The Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. project management team can help you determine the ideal type of mezzanine for your business and custom-build one to your exact specifications and needs.

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