Bin Boxes – Corrugated
When inventory includes many small items, corrugated cardboard bin boxes provide the most efficient storage. Since this type of inventoryincludes many copies of the same item, you can store them together, sorted by size or perhaps color. Store different sizes or colors in adjacent bins, enabling you to quickly find whatever specific type of item needed for shipping or use.

Corrugated Cardboard Bins
Corrugated cardboard is an ideal storage material. Strong yet light, you can also recycle corrugated cardboard.

Stackable bins and large-giant bins are available to help you make the most of your storage space.

You can add dividers to give you more flexibility when storing items in bins. Dividers can turn one bin into two or more, saving on costs and space.

Storage systems
Arrange standard 4”h bin boxeson storage shelves spaced 6” apart for best results, and store related items together. Bins usually come in white. You can easily adhere labels to the bins, mark them with magic markers, or color-code them.

They are manufactured from 200 lb. test white corrugated cardboard.

Bin boxes do not require tape, staples, or glue to be assembled.

Who Uses Corrugated Bins
Corrugated cardboard bins work for many enterprises. They work well for office products and auto parts distributors.

Marine distributors, electronics wholesalers, and plumbing stores can all benefit from cardboard bins.

Electrostatic Dissipative or ESD
To store static-sensitive electronic components or parts use a bin box with a conductive coating. This coating prevents electrostatic damage.

ESD Bin Boxes are made from 100% recyclable corrugated fiberboard for long lasting durability and dependability.

A variety of sizes and styles are available to meet your requirements. These ESD bin boxes provide economical, efficient method of storing static sensitive electronic parts.

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