Wire Security Cages In Michigan

Careful planning of wire security cages and enclosures will prove an economical way to establish a secure environment for safety and storage in a warehouse. Security cages, industrial machine enclosures and dividers are a functional part of ensuring product quality, equipment security and personal safety. Security cages and enclosures are designed for easy shipment and quick installation with minimal disruption to operations.

Wire Enclosures and Barriers

Wire Security Cages

These enclosure systems are an open, uni-mesh design to allow full visibility with unrestricted air circulation. In addition to securing equipment and product, security enclosures can be installed to maintain a safe distance from a work area.

Forklift Security Enclosures

In addition to barrier walls, wire security walls can protect product, personnel and customers from the travel paths of forklifts. These security enclosures are durable, easy to install and integrate into operations. Security walls often exceed OSHA standards.

Wire Security Cages

The most common uses of wire security cages and enclosures are to secure an area for a specific reason and to prevent theft. An enclosed system is highly versatile and can be designed to protect combustible product, robotics, equipment and utilized at or under mezzanine levels for added secure storage space. Some cages are freestanding with tapered and custom side panels for windows, machine extensions or stairways. These units can also be designed with ADA locking capabilities and electronic access control.

Integration of Security Cages

Before any type of wire security cage is integrated into your warehouse or commercial operations, contact the experts at Shelving & Rack Systems for a free consultation for guidance on the useful applications of cages, walls, and barriers.

Call us today and let us help you determine the most efficient and effective systems to improve the overall productivity of your warehouse, distribution or commercial operation.



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