Developing businesses often undergo changes that may require the removal or addition of storage facilities to store new or more items. But the kind of products to be stored greatly influences the type of storage system to be used.

However, frequently altering storage systems to accommodate new products can be very costly and time-consuming.

Most businesses opt for storage systems that are flexible, efficient, and can be adjusted to accommodate new products.


At Shelving + Rack Systems, we designed our wire storage cages with the same problem in mind. Not only do we provide the best wire storage cages in Michigan that allow ample light inside and free air circulation, but they can also help keep specific products safe and secure.

Besides storing products, wire storage cages can be used in computer server firms as server colocation enclosures to separate servers and server racks, which ensure secured access.

Shelving + Rack Systems offers businesses and warehouses a new chance to improve their storage by adopting our wire storage cages to ensure high efficiency.

Cost Effective and Customizable

Our wire storage cages are cost effective and can be built to any height or shape quickly and effectively to meet your operational goals. They are also very flexible and can easily be added to or removed if the need arises. At Shelving + Rack Systems, we understand that different businesses need varying storage mechanisms to store their products.

That’s why our state of the art wire storage cages are fully customizable and can be configured depending on the kind of product to be stored.

In case of damage, you don’t need a complete replacement, damaged wire partitions can easily be replaced due to its simple design.

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