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Pick Modules

Customers expect rapid and efficient order fulfillment. To provide it, you need a well-designed system that provides sufficient storage, retrieval, and fast throughput. A pick moduleviable solution.

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. we help you create exactly the right module for your needs. Our pick modules are versatile and high-density,so they increase order picking efficiency and save space.

All pick modules link various storage solutions within multi-level adjustable work platforms to move products smoothly through your distribution center. Pick modules integrate different storage technologies into a compact fulfillment and delivery system.

Uses of Warehouse Pick Modules System

A pick module is a multi-level racking system that incorporates different storage technologies within it,utilizing conveyors, carton flow racks, pallet flow racks, static racks, carousels, and other equipment.

This carton order picking system allows for faster picking in elevated spaces resulting in significant cost savings. Furthermore, this eliminates walking time for workers who work in order fulfillment. Once fulfilled, orders are typically conveyed through the pick module to packing and shipping stations.

Modern upgrades have integrated pick-to-light or voice-directed picking devices into their systems to provide fast and accurate order fulfillment.

Benefits of Pick Modules

In this world of instant gratification, orders need to be fulfilled and shipped as soon as they are received. If orders are picked from cartons or totes as opposed to shelving, time and labor decrease and the savings incrementally increase.

With their compact footprint, pick modules save space which can prevent costly moves to larger fulfillment centers as more floor space is freed up. The more vertical the pick module system is, the more space you’ll save.

You can easily implement inventory rotation through first-in, first-out picking. Pick module systems with carton flow and pallet flow allows you to replenish inventory from the load side and so your pickers always receive the product in the order you want it picked.

With more focus aimed at efficient storage and picking operations, you effectively eliminate workers roaming from their workstations. Order pickers are picking, not walking, for much of the workday. This allows you to significantly reduce the amount of time pickers spend looking for orders and walking to fulfill orders.

High-volume, high output distribution center operations benefit from a pick module system. More simple picking operations can also benefit from the versatility and efficiencies created by installing a pick module on a smaller scale.

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