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Shelf Supported Mezzannine

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Plant and warehouse managers are always concerned with storage space. Each facility needs to store records, inventory, equipment, or materials for efficient operation, but storage space competes with loading, retail, and customer space.
One solution to storage space needs is going vertical with your shelving. Most facilities have a high-enough ceiling to create a second level of storage within the existing building and without any construction.

Mezzanines and shelves

Mezzanines add a second level, and can easily work around existing storage shelving, support beams, corners, and windows. Many shelving systems can support added mezzanine decking and framing, as well as access stairs.

Shelf supported mezzanines come in a variety of configurations to suit the needs of the facility.

Catwalk flooring

Depending on specifications, shelving units can be stacked one on top of each other, securely fastened together. At the appropriate height, catwalk flooring is installed within the shelving system, creating a second floor. The catwalks attach to the shelving upright; you do not require free-standing posts or columns. If needed, additional support can be given to the mezzanine frame.

Permanent stairs allow access to the second level, and the shelves on both levels are accessible from all four sides. From the mezzanine, staff members can also access conveyors as well as other equipment.

Shelf-top mezzanines

A flat, open mezzanine on top of a shelving installation provides an added floor space for observation, office, or storage. The shelving uprights provide the support for the platform.

A variety of stairs can be installed to gain access to the shelf supported mezzanines. Stairs can be straight, L- or U-shaped. The needs of the facility will dictate which type of stairs should be installed.


Flooring for shelf-top and catwalk mezzanines comes in a variety of materials.

Air circulation and lighting benefit from grating—stainless steel, steel bar, or fiberglass. These open materials will work with the HVAC system to keep warm and cool air flowing throughout. They are easily cleaned. An added benefit is that sprinklers may not need to be installed beneath them, although that’s a consideration for fire marshals, building inspectors, and the insurance company.

Steel floor plate is ideal for food service operations. It cleans efficiently and is consistent with the sanitary standards expected.

Resin floor panels installed over roof decking provide a good surface for light-use areas. Its non-skid surface is durable enough to take light pallet loads.

Rails and access

The open edges of all shelf-supported mezzanines are surrounded with a railing of the appropriate height—usually 42”. A 4” footplate and mid-bar come with the railing set up.

Gates to allow pallet access can be installed in the railing system as needed.

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