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Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving

In this age where space and time are money, companies are looking for ways to maximize their space and reduce the time required to handle inventory. Companies in healthcare, file storage, retail, industrial, horticulture, automotive, and many other industries are challenged to manage physical storage inventory efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Making the Mobility Happen

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we offer a wide range of low-cost, high-durability mobile shelving units to help you grow your production without adding an inch to your storage footprint. A mobile shelving system will fit very well into your storage space and provide you with rapid item access. Both manually-operated and electrically-powered systems are available.

Our industrial warehouse shelving or rack units are installed on bases that ride on the track rails installed on the floor. These rail systems feature an ADA-compliant design. At the end of each unit, placards may be attached to identify what is contained in that row.

Manually-operated mobile systems are generally used in applications where the products being stored are lighter in weight like in most retail storage, some file storage, clothing and linen, food storage, and miscellaneous storage.

Mechanical assist carriages have a crank on the accessible end of each unit. They are a great solution in just about any storage situation. In most units, turning the crank clockwise moves the unit to the right, while turning it counterclockwise moves it to the left. As the unit moves, it creates an aisle allowing access to the items stored in that row.

Electrically operated units move by pushing a button or via LCD touchscreen controls. They possess small AC or DC electric motors driving the carriage movement system, making moving them in and out of position easy and convenient.

Many high-density mobile storage system options are electrically powered, allowing you to increase your facility’s storage density and optimize your floor space with minimal effort.

Mobile shelving system

Advantages of Mobile Storage Solutions

The most prominent benefit of a mobile storage system is increased space efficiency compared to conventional shelving units, such as static shelving systems. Because the storage area only needs one aisle, which moves, more shelving units can be placed in the space.

With high-density mobile shelving units, your can increase your facility’s storage capacity by up to 100%, making it an ideal choice to make the most out of limited space.

Productivity will increase because items will be located more quickly, regardless of what it is. Whether files, boxes, or other objects, a mobile storage system can be designed to meet your needs.
The storage is more secure, especially when automated with computer access and electronic safety features. Only people with proper access codes can access your files.

Many mobile storage solutions possess a modular design, compatible with a range of optional features to change or rearrange the storage configuration (e.g., shelves, boxes, bars, art racks). These custom storage solutions are an excellent choice to store specific types of items.

Uses of Mobile Storage Shelving Systems

Retail stockrooms are perfect environments for a mobile shelving system. Because the system can reduce the space needed in the back of the house, more space can be dedicated to retail operations.

High-density mobile storage systems are ideal for increasing the versatility of a facility’s storage capabilities. For example, they pair well with lighter-duty storage cabinets and shelving intended for lighter loads.

Other common applications where they are ideal are high-density solutions for storing large records (e.g., X-Rays, archives), warehouse storage, secure storage environments (e.g., vaults), clothing apparel storage, shoe storage, equipment storage, “big-box” storage environments, ready to assemble (RTA) furniture, tire storage, grow houses and appliance storage to name a few.

Secure storage solutions can also be used as firearms storage systems or for storing sensitive equipment. Sports teams can also configure customizable storage solutions for sports equipment and supplies (e.g., hockey team equipment storage systems for helmets, bags, spare jerseys, etc.).

Medical offices, libraries, and government offices need to retain files for many years. In the case of County Clerk offices, they can provide more space for deed books and other documents, preventing the need for additional space. Legal offices may retain wills and other records for years before they are called on for use.

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Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. offers a wide range of industrial mobile shelving systems and other storage solutions suitable for any environment. We also provide turnkey system management services, helping you make the most of your valuable space from the planning stages to equipment installation.

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