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Smoking Shelter

Smokers will want to smoke during their breaks. Most places now require smoking areas to be outside or completely set apart from the main building.

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Why install smoking shelters?

The shelters provide smokers with a legitimate place to smoke, avoiding possible safety hazards. Shelters also keep smokers away from doorways. People who don’t smoke can take his or her breaks separately and avoid exposure to second-hand smoke.

Modular Smoking Shelter

One solution to the need for a smoking space is the modular smoking shelter. Smoking shelters are simply structures built away from the main warehouse or facility, and modular buildings are made up of interchangeable components.

Using modular components means shelters and other facilities can be installed and in-use quickly. The components are reusable, meaning they can be moved from one location to another, as well as rearranged as business needs change.

Many smoking shelters come in prefabricated designs, allowing employers to place them directly on a slab and make them available to use immediately. Appropriate lighting and benching are available, providing security and comfort during breaks.

Types of Smoking Shelters

Smoking shelters provide a windbreak for the smokers, as well as a roof to keep them dry.

Most prefabricated lines come in a variety of sizes, accommodating up to 18 people. The larger ones include tables and seating and are sided with both screen and glass, depending upon the season.

Benefits of modularity

One of the benefits of using modular buildings is the interchangeability and reusability of the components. Modular units also come in a variety of paneling and finishes. Many can be soundproofed and used in clean rooms and facilities needing special insulation.

Modular structures generally are less expensive. They do not require a design engineer or architect in their installation.

You can build modular smoking structures on mezzanines and can erect them as two-level additions in any appropriate location in your plant or warehouse. This flexibility allows you to erect the structure wherever it best fits in with your building design. Contact Us

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