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Wide Span Racks

Wide span racks or wide span shelving is a storage application that uses a beam design for hand-loaded goods. Like pallet racks, wide span shelving is built with upright frames to store medium to heavy-duty items.

Although it can’t be machine loaded, wide span storage shelving is an affordable system that is ideal for storing a wide variety of items, from stocks of smaller inventory to bulkier goods.

Wide span racking is a must-have in a warehouse that operates with manual pickers. It can also work well as backroom storage or shop floor merchandising shelves. Due to its versatility, it is a popular choice of racking for bulk storage of non-palletized items.

One of the key advantages of using wide span storage racks is the variety of potential applications. It is available in several customizable formats, with a vast choice of deck material and beam options.

There are many fantastic decking options for wide span storage racks like particle board decking, solid or ribbed steel decking, flat wire decking, and waterfall wire decking. Each has its own advantages, depending on what type of products you want to store.

Another great advantage of wide span racks is their durability. Much of this storage application’s carrying capacity comes down to the build quality of the upright frames. These are generally made from heavy gauge steel.

Wide span racks are easy to assemble, and any adjustments are relatively straightforward, making for seamless use. One person can put together a rack with minimal equipment (a mallet or hammer should suffice). However, for more extensive shelving, it can be beneficial to choose professional installation.

For a quote or further information on installing wide span racks, contact Shelving + Racking Systems, Inc., at (800)-589-7225.

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