Horizontal Carousels

For your warehouse, you need the best equipment for your storage needs. Horizontal carousels are a great addition to your space. They work to get the items you need fast.

What is a Horizontal Carousel?
The principal concept behind a carousel is that the inventory is brought to the operator rather than the operator going to the inventory.
A horizontal carousel is a series of shelving unitsthat move on an oval track. Picture shelves on an oval conveyor. Every unit has shelves which are usually outfitted with various bins or bin boxes to hold and segregate the inventory. These shelves and bins can be configured for a plethora of standard and special applications.

How they work
Ateam member simply inputs a bin number, part number or cell location; the carousel then moves via the shortest path to present the part to the operator. For order fulfillment it is common to have multiple horizontal carousels grouped in a pod, integrated with a pick to light technology and inventory management software.

Information is downloaded from your system to the carousel-the pod receives a wave of orders, which creates a batch.

Very simply, the operator follows the indicator lights and picks round robin from the bins on the carousels and then places the items in a station behind them or on a conveyor. As parts are picked, each carousel rotates and pre-positions. With this product to person method, employees do not have to move from their position to select the order.

Once the set of orders (batch) is complete, a new batch is downloaded, and the process is repeated until the wave of orders is complete.

Why You Need a Horizontal Carousel
Horizontal carousel systems deliver efficient and high productivity solutions your retrieval and storage needs. They are designed for quick, reliable and efficient high-speed picking. They provide high accuracy with minimal wait times permitting orderstobe processed in the fastest possible time.

By implementing a horizontal carousel, you can:

  • Increase order picking output significantly as items are quickly delivered to the operator. The horizontal carousel always takes the shortest path to the access opening allowing the requested items to be transported to the operator in a reliable, direct and speedy way.
  • For a fraction of the cost, horizontal carousel systems typically outperform robotic systems. Horizontal carousels are the most cost-effective AS/RS system available.
  • Have order selecting accuracy levels to 99.9%+ levels, raise productivity by 66% – withoutput ashas high as 750 lines per hour/worker.
  • Reduce cubic storage feet by up to 75% freeing up floor space. Items are stored in a compact space eliminating unproductive travel within the warehouse. Many carousels can be installed in areas with very little aisle space.
  • Reduce manual labor hours. Requested items are delivered to the operator in the shortest way possible without any unproductive search times. The operator can perform other tasks such as paperwork or counting parts while the carousel is retrieving the item.
  • Reduce employee injuries and fatigue by relieving employees from walking up and down the aisles, lifting and loading items.

Horizontal carousels can be equipped with automatic extractors to boost productivity and can be designed in variable sizes and capacities.
There are specific considerations when deciding on which carousel to use such as:

  • What type of material will be stored?
  • How much floor space and overhead are available. Are there any space constraints?
  • Are your primary goals improved production or saving space?

For fast, efficient and reliable picking, whether in distribution or production, horizontal carousels are the perfect addition to improve your warehouse or plant efficiency.

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