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Horizontal Carousel

A horizontal carousel is an automated storage and retrieval system that can cost-effectively reduce stock-picking man-hours, enabling businesses to recover their investment. Inventory management and order fulfillment can be a significant cost to a warehouse, but a carousel system is an excellent tool for increasing productivity and increasing accuracy.

If staff have to add walk and search time to their material handling process, this can negatively affect picking operations speed.

A horizontal system uses a series of shelving units that move on an oval track. Each compartment has shelves or bins to separate stock into organized containers. Operators enter a bin number, part number, or location, and the carousel brings the relevant unit to the staff member.

This automation of inventory control increases order picking rate and reduces picking errors.

In more complex batch picking processes, the computer software intelligently brings each cart to the operator, allowing them to stay in one place while fulfilling multiple orders. As the operator removes one part, the system rotates and retrieves the next required bin.

With high-speed picking rates and fewer picking mistakes, operations become more streamlined and profitable. Many businesses have seamlessly integrated horizontal carousels into their warehouses, making order picking easier for staff.

Because you can customize a horizontal carousel to suit your order fulfillment area’s size and shape, it is straightforward to add this system to your current warehouse setup.

The experts at Shelving+Rack Systems, Inc. can help you design the most suitable horizontal carousel for your needs. Contact our sales team at 800-589-7225 for a consultation and free quote.


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