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Office Shelving

While the storage needs for each office vary from firm-to-firm and between types of businesses, the retention of records in an orderly manner is necessary for legal and professional reasons.

Best Office Shelving

Offices have short-term and long-term needs for file storage. Short-term storage involves items which owners and staff members need access to quickly. Usually, these records pertaining to current or active matters.

Long-term storage needs involve records from previous years. They can help support the history of the business, as well as provide documentation for taxation and other authorities. These records may need to be stored in bulk, in a secure location.

Current Use Storage

Items stored in the workspace are there because someone may need to use or refer to them quickly, if not immediately. Many types of shelving provide this quick access.

Many offices still use traditional file cabinets with vertical pull-out drawers. These cabinets provide a great deal of storage but require extra floor space because of the size of the cabinets.

Open shelves are most frequently seen in medical or legal offices. These shelves allow quick and easy access to each file, especially when coupled with a color-coded record identification system. With the files available on the open shelves, misplaced files can be quickly spotted because they break the proper color pattern.

Mobile Shelving

Busy offices need to find ways to maximize storage capacity while minimizing space. Mobile shelving units save space by eliminating all but one aisle within the shelves, and that aisle can go where the staff needs it to be.

Mobile shelving units roll on rails embedded in office floor. Mobile systems usually involve multiple units pushed together when not in use. Staff members turn the crank on the end of each unit until an aisle opens in front of the shelves to which the access is needed to access files in the middle of the system.

Some mobile shelving systems are electric and can be linked via software to the office computer system.

Archiving records

One classic method of archiving materials is to use a combination of storage boxes and heavy-duty steel storage racks. Each box can enclose one set of records or a collection of related records. With proper labeling and organized storage on the racks, they will remain safely available until the time to destroy them comes.

Some businesses choose to archive their files using mobile shelving. This type of shelving is an excellent space-saving option.

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