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Allstor Rivet Shelving

Allstor Rivet Shelving

Specialized shelving systems play a leading role in ensuring every square foot of your warehouse is utilized effectively. Equipping your factory or warehouse with the right shelving will save you both time and money. Allstor Rivet shelving is a great option for organizing heavier items or bulk goods but can still be configured to serve multiple purposes.

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Rivet shelving is a storage solution that is versatile and cost-effective. It can be configured to meet a wide variety of dry bulk storage needs. Allstor rivet shelves provide all the benefits of customization including ease of use and durability.

Why Rivet Shelving

Allstor Shelving is a trusted name and a superior product. When our customers ask us for durable, high-performance storage options, we give them Allstor.

Whether it’s Lo-Pro Shelving, Wide span Bulk Shelving, or a combination of both.Known for their reliability at delivering quality solutions, Allstor has become a staple of the material handling industry for a number of reasons.

Allstor rivet shelving offers multiple deck types. Depending on your needs, you can use particle board, wire decks, or melaclad. You can customize the shelving to suit your purpose.

The Lo-Pro and Mid-Pro shelving have a lower shelf face height and provide higher storage density, Widths are 12-60 inches, and have a shelf load capacity of up to 500-lbs. Wide span shelving has widths up to 96-inches and can handle up to 2,000-lbs per shelf.Heights for these shelving systems go up to 26’.

Sturdy Construction and Ease of Use

The Lo-Pro and Wide span bulk shelving are modular, allowing quick reconfiguration.

  • Superior materials: Heavy-duty steel framing – coupled with your choice of particle board, mela clad, or wire shelf deck surfaces – provides timeless attention to strength and rigidity. Units can be designed to hold up to 2,000 pounds per shelf uniformly loaded.
  • Rapid assembly: Because Allstor Wide span and Lo-Pro shelving use boltless connections, assembly is both fast and easy.
  • Modular design: Allstor products boast a modular design, growth and expansion carry so there’s no need to worry that you’ll need to replace them as your stock grows. Units can easily be reconfigured to account for changes in your business.
  • Flexibility: No two clients’ inventories or material handling needs are quite the same. Allstor’s product line and configuration options allow for widths and depths from 12 inches to 96 inches, and heights up to 26 feet. Similarly, shelf levels are easy to adjust.

Mobile System Compatibility

Allstor Rivet Shelving is compatible with any mobile system and is available in a variety of size combinations.


Rivet shelves can be easily put together using relatively simple tools. The double keyhole design lets you assemble and disassemble quickly.
All Allstor Lo-Pro and Heavy components are interchangeable.

Archival Record Units

Allstor has a variety of archive units.

Our Easy Select units have a Lo-Pro shelf height that accommodates 2, 3 or 4 boxes wide per shelf. Depths allow for standard legal letter archival records boxes or legal/letter transfer files.

The Archive Box Bulk Records Storage shelving can fit two, three, four, or five legal letter boxes wide and 2 or 3 boxes high, with depths for up to three boxes.

Filer Economy Open Shelf Filing System Units

Available in sizes to accommodate Medical Records, Legal Records,and X-Rays.

Units can be provided with or without dividers.

Single-sided and double entry heights provide upto 26’h to meet just about any need.

Tire Rack Units

Allstor has variously configured tire racks.

The tire units come in multiple heights, single-sided, double-sided, a Mobile Truck version and Mobile Shelving types as well.

Catwalk – Mezzanine Systems

The Allstor Catwalk System maximizes space and cube utilization. You can use any of the shelving types such as Wide span, Lo-Pro, Archival, Filer, or Tire. You can even combine them into whatever configuration you choose.

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