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Equipment Platfoms

In many operations, the need for a platform to mount specific equipment on is required for an efficient operation. Moreover, in some cases equipment needs to be elevated so that your operation may function.

Commonly used applications would include air compressor platforms, conveyors, plastic dryers and granulators.

Additionally, these platforms must allow safe access to personnel to maintain and operate the equipment.

Equipment Platforms are also an excellent space making solution. Lift your heavy, space-consuming pieces off the floor and give them a new home overhead so you and your workers can move freely throughout the space.

As you buy specialty equipment for different aspects of your work, you may find you don’t use each one on a regular basis. This means you can put them out of your way for several days or weeks at a time.

This is when you will need an Equipment Platform.

What Is an Equipment Platform design?

Equipment platforms are a type of a mezzaninedesigned to accept specific pieces of equipment. If the piece of equipment has feet or legs that have concentrated loads, we design the mezzanine platform with reinforcements to accept those loads safely.

Commonly, these pieces of equipment require compressed air, electrical, water or other sources of material to supply the piece of equipment that is on the platform. It’s very common for us to design around these systems to ensure that all work together well and safely.
Access to the platform can be attained with a set of stairs, adding a landing if the design requires it, a vertical ladder, or even an alternating tread stairway to conserve on space.

Gates to move equipment in and out or supply material can easily be incorporated into the design that best suits you

What are the Advantages of an Equipment Platform?

The two biggest bonuses to your workspace when you add the platforms are space and safety. Why ask your workers to weave between large, potentially dangerous machines when you can open up the floor entirely? All you need do is add these greatplatforms to your floor to make your warehouse easy to navigate as well as much more secure.

Having specialty pieces out of the way means you will have feweraccidents. If you live in an area that is subject to earthquakes, this is also a great option as the platforms are built to withstand the ground shaking. A flood is also no problem as your most expensive pieces are up and away from the deluge.

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