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Mezzanine Deck Types

Companies use mezzanines platforms to create more room for storage and just about any other operation that requires floor space in buildings with limited space but high ceilings. They essentially create a second-floor above whatever the main floor is being used for.

There are multiple types of mezzanine decks, and each differs in strength and purpose.

Solid Decking: Resin Deck over B-Decking For Mezzanine

Solid decking describes Mezzanine Deck System with a solid floor. The floor can be in the form of resin deck over B decking.The B deck usually has a white underside to aid in light reflection below the mezzanine with an over layment of one of 4 types of solid resindek.

Unfinished –This most common overlayment provides a skid resistant surface and installs easily over corrugated metal B-decking. Unlike Plywood or OSB, unfinished will never delaminate, has a ten-year warranty, and is priced competitively.

Gray Diamond Seal – this tough finish is engineered and intended for long-lasting toughness. It has standard with anti-static protection. It will look great with a showcase appearance year after year. Some of the benefits are that it can be easily cleaned with standard cleaning solutions and the damp mop, it has exceptional resistance to common stains, is scratch and wear resistant

TriGard® coated ResinDek® is specifically designed to handle the demanding stresses of ultra-high rolling traffic that is typically found in robotic applications. TriGard® will outlive and excel any other industrial mezzanine floor coating on the market!

Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Finish for Gray Diamond Seal 2™ and TriGard® Coated resindek. Mezzanine floor panels with ESD provide a functional static control solution for equipment and operations that are electrically sensitive. Our ESD finish will prevent uncomfortable static shocks to employees and eradicate expensive electronic device interruptions due to electrostatic discharges.

Solid Decking: Steel Diamond Tread Plate

Steel diamond tread plate comes in smooth steel and with an elevated diamond pattern. This type of solid decking is generally used where a company drives heavy pallet trucks or heavy-duty machinery. The elevated diamond pattern is great for places where the floor often gets wet as the elevated diamond pattern creates a more stable surface to walk on even when wet.

Solid Diamond Grip Flooring

This is a plank type decking is durable and wear-resistant. Anti-skid diamond grip dimples provide additional traction to maximize safety.

Solid Concrete Deck

When you must have the absolute strongest concrete, solid concrete deck is the answer. A 4-inch-thick layer of concrete is installed over white underside B deck.

Open Decking: Bar Grating

Bar grating is made from painted or galvanized steel, fiberglass, or aluminum. Bar Grating consists of a series of vertical bearing bars welded (or otherwise joined) at intervals to perpendicular top bars that form a load-bearing panel. Panels are manufactured by welding, locked by swaging, or press-locked processes.

It allows light and air to travel freely and can make a mezzanine feel less claustrophobic. Bar grating is available in smooth for most applications or serrated for slippery environments.

Open Decking: Galvanized Plank Grating

Galvanized plank grating is another type of open decking which involves planks, rather than bars. Galvanized planks are steel planks that have been coated with zinc. Zinc is one of the toughest, longest-lasting coatings for iron or steel and is relatively in expensive. This type of grating that allows for free movement of air and light.

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