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Guard Shacks

Plant owners and warehouse managers want to keep their facilities secure. Security requires a variety of systems, including the ability to keep a human eye on both the interior and exterior of the premises.

One aspect of security is keeping track of traffic entering and leaving the grounds of the plant. Keeping track of the people coming onto the property helps increase the safety of workers and will reduce the risk of theft or loss.

Posting security stations at strategic locations, therefore, will help ensure the plant’s security. Security guards can check people in and out. For the safety and comfort of the security guards, guard shacks should be part of the security plan.

Guard and security shacks come in a variety of sizes. Facilities with large security forces benefit from largershacks that have meetingrooms, and restrooms included.

Prefabricated guard shacks can be delivered by truck and lifted onto the slab bya crane or a fork truck. Once bolted to the slab, the shack will remain in place for as long as needed.

Modular or Prefabricated Guard Shacks

Guard shacks placed at entrances allow guards to regulate the flow of traffic on and off the premises and can also provide a shelter for guards within the facility.

Prefabricated guard shacks save design costs, and a variety of sizes are available. They can be delivered assembled or unassembled, and assembly is not difficult. The shacks include lighting, electrical, and HVAC hook-ups pre-installed.

Other options available include a built-in forklift base, as well as steel deck floors. Spotlights, extra doors, intercoms, and other equipment can be installed, as well as gates. They generally have sliding windows and doors.

Modular and prefabricated guard shacks are manufactured according to building codes.

Guard shacks don’t always need to house security guards. They can also serve as parkingattendantshelters. They can be used for any purpose requiring shelter for someone who will be in one place for an extended time.

Modular Buildings

Because no design engineer or architect is needed, the costs for these structures is significantly lowerthan standard construction. Installation can be permanent, on a concrete slab, or simply by gravity—especially for those moveable by forklift.

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