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Carpet Rack

Carpet roll storage can be challenging in any store or warehouse due to the variety of diameters and lengths that carpet comes in. That’s why facilities must have well-designed carpet storage racks to meet their carpet storage needs and protect their carpet supply integrity.

Our carpet racking systems involve a series of shelves spaced appropriately to handle the carpet being stored safely and efficiently. These can come in various forms, including stack racks, pallet racks, or a roll rack.

To preserve the carpet’s integrity, the shelves are equipped with metal decking so that the carpeting does not conform to shelf beams or cause denting. Carpet facilities that need to meet fire codes can utilize our special rain decking, which has a surface area with more than 50% perforation for sprinkler drainage.

To efficiently store and retrieve carpet from racking systems, facilities should use a forklift equipped with a rug ram attachment and a carpet dolly. The forklift enables facilities to handle large, heavy carpet—up to 2,500 lbs. and 48” in diameter. Of course, plenty of aisle space is needed to ensure the forklift and long carpet rolls can easily maneuver through the aisles.

In warehouses where space does not allow enough room to provide a right-angle turn, we designed systems with a herringbone rack pattern, so you don’t have to make 90° turns to store and retrieve carpet.

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