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Carpet Rack

Storing rolls of carpet can present a storage challenge in any store or warehouse. Carpets are usually 12 feet long, come in a variety of diameters and other lengths, which means that storage racks Must be designed to take all this into consideration.

Facilities needa well-designed carpet storage rack system if the facility handles carpet.

Carpet storage

Carpet storage racks generally involve a series of shelves that are spaced appropriately, to safely and efficiently handle the carpeting being stored.

To preserve the integrity of the carpet, the shelves are equipped with a steel corrugated rack deckso that the carpeting does not conform to shelf beams. If the carpeting was placed directly on shelf beams, it would dent the carpeting. The rain deck steelshelf deck has a surface area that is more than 50% open to meet fire code; it is punched / perforated for sprinkler drainage. In some instances, you may require a solid deck, without any holes, that is also available.

Provided the rack capacity is not exceeded, carpet storage racks allow for the storage of as many rolls in an opening or on a shelf as will fit.

The best method for storing and picking carpet from the levels of the storage systemrequires a forklift equipped a with rug ram attachment. Many come with a handle placed on the fork itself. The poles can handle large, heavy carpet—frequently up to 2,500 pounds and 48” in diameter.

You can move the carpets around the warehouse floor efficiently using specially designed carpet dollies.

Installation of carpet rack systems

End-in storage of carpet requires plenty of aisle space. The forklift must carry long carpet rolls in, and then turn to store them. The aisles will need to be somewhat wider than the length of the carpet and forklift combined.

In warehouses where space does not allow enough room to provide a right-angle turn, we have designed systems with a herringbone rack pattern, so you do not have to turn 90° to store and retrieve roles of carpeting

The storage system must be as deep as the longest roll of carpet stored in the facility. Some systems may include tunnels through the center, with racking overhead. Storage systems may be 8’, 12’, or 16’ feet deep, single or double entry to hold product on each side.

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