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Forkliftable Offices

Forkliftable buildings, or small, modular structures that can be moved wherever you need them, can be a great way to expand office space, add a computer room, a quality control booth or a security office. Whatever you need, these pre-assembled structures can help accommodate any warehouse.

What Is a Forkliftable Building?

A forkliftable building is a prefabricated, modular unit that can be moved to the exact spot needed and can be relocated if necessary by lifting and moving them with a forklift.

These portable offices are fully wired for utilities, assembled into a solid, completed structure in a factory and delivered to you. They work in tandem with pre-existing structures but also can stand alone.

How Is a Forkliftable Building Made?

A forkliftable building begins as a steel, tubular frame welded together on a factory floor. Our structures are made to your exact specifications so we can accommodate odd shapes or unusual size.

Once the frame is in place, we add our panelized walls and roof to your building.
Then the floor is added, and we install all your wiring. This includes lights, switches, conduits, and sub-panels. We can also install an HVAC system for heating and cooling if you need climate control inside your structure. Once everything is in place, your new structure is ready to be lifted and brought to you at your work site, where it can be dropped in place.

Later, if necessary, you can easily relocate it using a forklift.

Why a Forkliftable Building?

The main reason many businesses choose a forkliftable building is because of their versatility. They can be placed indoors or outdoors.

These small, prefabricated buildings are also much more affordable than a traditional office or out-building. They are made of solid, high-quality materials despite the inexpensive price.

Other benefits include the chance to add more visibility to a security watch or observation stations with 360-degree windows. These are equipped with double-pane safety glass windows.

This flexibility, ease of installation, and the many options available make forkliftable buildings attractive options when you need extra office space.

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