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Automotive Shelving

Automotive parts and components require meticulous storage and organizational methods. The constantly changing, irregular sizes and sometimes minuscule parts needed in inventory necessitate a smart method to organize and stock each.

Automotive sliding shelves may be the answer. You can find a variety of different automotive shelving options to choose from that you can adapt to your business’ requirements.

Automotive Sliding Shelving Systems

Our automotive sliding shelving systems have an open shelf design so that even your oddest components will have a place. The unique sliding dividers make this system entirely customizable. It comes with a set of dividers that easily slide in and out of the shelves, which allows you to create customized cubby holes of any size or number.

Additionally, steel modular drawers are available, which slide onto the shelf to hold small parts. This system makes it easy to organize and catalog inventory.

Sliding automotive shelving systems install easily and feature an option to bolt units either side to side or front to back. This creates a sturdy design to keep your employees and products safe.

As the units are individual, you can also change your shelving design as your storage needs change over time, without assembling or reassembling any shelves.

Benefits of Sliding Automotive Shelving Systems

Sliding automotive shelving systems are very customizable. You can reorganize easily as your business’ needs and inventory change. These shelves give you the ability to add new dividers or bins to accommodate new components.

Because you decide the size of each location, you do not waste any space. In situations where space is limited, this style of shelving will likely permit you to store twice as much as your current shelving system allows.

Sliding automotive shelving systems help keep small parts and materials together. You can easily catalog parts, and your inventory accuracy will improve.

The proper shelving system reduces the physical labor required to access parts, minimizes the chance of product damage, lost / misplaced inventory and the constant stacking and unstacking of boxes.

You get greater storage capacity and smarter storage when you use a sliding automotive shelving system.

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