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Archival Box Shelving

Archival box shelving provides a space-saving storage system for organizing your archived files and documents easily and efficiently and making locating records more manageable.

The shelving comes in assorted styles and sizes to meet your specific storage needs and space.

Benefits to Using Archival Storage Methods

Archived storage is organized and easy to use. It provides easy access to all your archived records, frees up floor space, and reduces injuries associated with stacked, disorganized materials.

Inactive materials are better protected from water and rodents when stored in a raised location off the floor.

It also promotes a professional image of your company to employees and clients.

Types of Archival Box Shelving

Our trained team of storage experts can guide you in choosing the correct archival box shelving system for your application and space.

Our design selection optimizes the number of boxes stored without wasting shelf space. Long-term storage may require wide-span shelving, while frequently accessed records may need specialized archival storage units.

ALLSTOR™ Easy Select units allow you to access files without shifting or moving any boxes and are designed to hold legal or letter size archives.

ALLSTOR™ Wide span Bulk effectively stores larger quantities of legal letter archive boxes while allowing for easy viewing and accessibility.

Pallet Rack styles are compatible with catwalks or stock pickers that can help increase selectivity even when storing in large quantities.

An Open Shelf style system allows ease of access to frequently picked files and still maintains exacting standards of organization.

We offer single-sided units suited for storing against the wall and double-sided shelves that allow access on either side.

Decking choices are solid particleboard, solid steel, corrugated steel, punch deck or rain deck perforated steel decking and wire decking.

Archival Box Shelving Size Selection

Allstor standard sizes range from 30” to 96” in width and 15” to 48” in depth. Styles range from 3’ to 16’ in height.

Pallet rack will be 42”-144” w x 30”-64” d and up to 45’ high for maximizing your storage capacity.

Our boltless shelving is designed for easy and quick assembly.

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