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CMM Room

A Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) room is a variation of a modular building. Most CMM enclosures require environmentally controlled temperature and humidity to avoid any expansion or contraction of the measuring machinery being used and the components being checked.

In many facilities, the company must place the Coordinate Measuring Machine rooms in an area that may be exceptionally hot, such as a molten metal casting room. This necessitates a strictly controlled environment to accurately record all the 3D points on the components.

A CMM room protects the measuring from unauthorized access and possible contamination or damage from ongoing facility operations. They are built with precisely measured composite panels with a dual function, serving as an insulator and soundproofing. The thick insulation helps ensure a constant temperature during testing.

Our buildings can be equipped with particulate, humidity, and temperature control systems. They are designed with your specifications in mind to ensure that equipment fits efficiently and safely inside.

As relocatable modular in-plant offices, CMM rooms are easy to expand, reconfigure, or relocate to another area of your plant or warehouse. Using modular CMM rooms, you can assemble most of the structure before the final positioning of the CMM equipment.

A custom CMM room installation has minimal impact on existing operations. CMM rooms allow you to demonstrate to your clients your commitment to and investment in quality control.

Options include:

  • Building heights up to 40′ high
  • Panel finishes are steel, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass-reinforced plastic
  • Specialized glass options for windows – including where lasers are used
  • Complete with electrical, data, and wireless communication
  • Corrugated steel and modular roof systems with clearing spans up to 80’ wide
  • Removable steel-framed wall systems
  • Lighting to meet your needs, including LED and high bay
  • Conveyor openings

The modular system of construction permits quick assembly and disassembly. Each part is manufactured to exacting standards, carefully labeled, and delivered together with a set of CAD drawings for fast installation by our team of factory-trained professional installers.

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