Pallet Rack Decking

Types of Decking
There are several types of decking available; they have different characteristics to suit just about any need.Your specific needs will determine which deck type will do the best job for you.

Decking permits you to store a greater variety of goods. You can store irregular shapes and sizes more securely and safer when you use a deck on your pallet rack.

You can store different-size pallets on the same shelf and maximize your use of space.

Pallet Rack Wire Decking
The most common is wire mesh decking or more commonly referred to as wire deck.

The wire decks are manufactured from different gauges of wire that are welded into a rectangular pattern; the decks are usually bent to waterfall over the edges of the shelf beam that they are installed on. Welded to the underside of the decks to provide additional support, are standard channels that will fit into the step of the shelf beam or in the case of a box or structural channel beam there are universal or flanged type supports to work with these beams.The size of the wire mesh opening, the gauge of the wire, the number of channels and the gauge of the steel that they are made out of will vary depending on what is required to safely support the load that is being stored.

To install it, you simply drop it into place. Its open wire mesh design provides high visibility for inventory inspection, allows light to penetrate, provides air circulation, minimizes dirt and debris buildup, it also increases overhead fire sprinkler effectiveness, to help in meeting fire code standards. It promotes safety by giving a sturdy surface to set pallets onto.

Solid Steel Decking
This deck is made fromsolid,smooth flat sheet metal that waterfalls over the edges of the beam, welded to the underside of the sheet metalare supports. The thickness of the steel deck, the number of supports and the gauge of the supports will be determined by the load capacity that is required.

This deck is used for extremely heavy loads or when you have loads that have point loads such as skids, pallets or racks with feet, to store coils of steel. It is commonly used for die storage.

Corrugated B-Deck
This is a solid steel deck manufactured with formed corrugations or ribs. Unlike the other types of decking,it is installed inside of this step of the beam. Once installed it sits flush with the top of the beam.
This deck has a smooth top surface that boxes of inventory can easily slide onto or off of.

Perforated Deck
This deck is a variation of corrugated B-deck, however, where the corrugated B deck is solid,punched deck has the strength, functionality,and economy of standard corrugated steel deck with the benefit of a greater than 50% open surface area created by a series of holes or perforations. These holes allow penetration of air, light and fire sprinkler water.

This rain deck delivers an even flat storage area for easy product placement and retrieval.

Punch deck is commonly used for carpet storage, boxes, bags of bulk inventory, archive box storage and bulk storage.

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