4 Ways Vertical Structures Optimize Manufacturing Space

Optimizing your manufacturing space should be a priority for any new or existing facility. Ensuring you efficiently use your space means your business will be more productive and it could even save you money. Building up rather than out has numerous advantages in terms of effective use of space in your manufacturing facility. From shelving rack systems to mezzanine levels…

6 Applications that Benefit from Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are a popular solution for storing bulky, extended, or odd-sized items in warehouses and distribution centres. Furniture cantilever racks, for example, are built using vertical supports and cantilever arms that attach to the vertical supports. Using cantilever racks to store non-standard products is safer, especially when loading and unloading, and reduces the chances of a product being damaged or an employee injury. Using cantilever racks will allow you to store long or bulky items in the same…

8 Mezzanine Platform Applications

A mezzanine storage platform is a fantastic way to maximize the storage capacity of your warehouse, distribution centre or manufacturing plant. Simply put, a mezzanine storage platform adds a second level to your existing space. Stairs lead from the ground floor to the mezzanine level where you have extra square footage that can be used in a variety of ways. Depending upon your existing space using a mezzanine storage platform can double or even triple the storage area of your…

How to Measure Pallet Racks

Whether you’re using door dock pallet racking systems, selective racking, push back racking or standard pallet racks, it’s critical the racks fit in where they are supposed to. Correctly measuring pallet racks is therefore essential when installing new pallet racks and when adding onto existing pallet racks. To accurately measure and fit pallet racks there are three things you must measure: cross beams, uprights and wire decking. Most rack systems are designed to accommodate standard-sized items. Pallets are usually a…

Cantilever Racking: The Ideal Solution for Non-Standard Products

If your business stocks or stores big or bulky products or non-standard sized products, then warehouse cantilever racking systems are your best storage solution. A cantilever racking system consists of vertical supports with cantilever arms attached to the supports. The system can be configured for either single-sided or double-sided use depending upon your requirements. The components can be customized, and…

Warehouse Optimization: Choosing the Right Design and Equipment

Designing or redesigning your warehouse is a big project, and it should be done right the first time. Ensuring optimal productivity and efficiency is key as is achieving the greatest storage density possible and the smoothest flow of products.But without the right shelving or equipment, that goal can be difficult to achieve. There are many kinds of racking…

What Products Need Climate Controlled Storage in a Warehouse?

If you work in logistics or material storage, it is vitally important to understand how to store your goods properly. A lack of knowledge can lead to inefficiencies in the supply chain and increased costs due to product damage or spoilage. Stored property may have sentimental value to its owners, or it might be costly to replace if damaged — […]

Safety Tips for Warehouse Storage Spaces

If you are operating a warehouse or large-scale storage facility, safety should be one of your top priorities. Each year, five out of every one hundred warehouse or storage employees are injured in workplace accidents, while an annual average of 16 workers are killed in these incidents, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. A failure to adhere to […]

3 Ways to Optimize Your Warehouse Space

Shelving + Rack Systems has been distributing material handling and storage equipment since 1979. In that time, one of the most common queries we’ve heard from our customers is how they should optimize the space in their warehouse. Many warehouse storage operations use their space inefficiently. Even worse, some companies move to expand or purchase additional premises before they explore […]

3 Modular Buildings for Warehouses

Modular buildings provide warehouses with the means to expand their facilities without costly and disruptive building work. A modular building is constructed off-site and delivered to your premises. Another benefit of a modular building is that it can be easily uninstalled, relocated, or expanded in the future. At Shelving + Rack Systems, we offer a range of prefabricated buildings to […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Pallet Racks

As one of Michigan’s most trusted suppliers of material handling and storage equipment, we’ve seen businesses make mistakes when it comes time to order the best apparatus for the job. Some may be trying to cut financial corners, while others might have received poor advice previously. At Shelving + Rack Systems, we strive to provide a hassle-free service where our […]

Must-Have Mezzanine Accessories

Mezzanines bring huge benefits to the commercial warehouse, factory, or storage facility. The added space within an existing facility saves on rental costs, utilities, and taxes. Keeping your operation all under the same roof can reduce errors, misunderstandings, and mix-ups, and mezzanines are versatile spacing options. To get the most out of your mezzanine space, you will need to choose […]

How Cantilever Racking Improves Efficiencies for Warehouse Operations

What Is Cantilever Racking? Cantilever racking is a commercial racking system that allows warehouses and factories to store their oversized or oddly shaped products with ease. These racks are constructed of three main pieces. Base supports Supportive beams at the backside of the rack Arms that extend from the beams This construction allows items to be stored longways across the […]

Guidelines for Designing Cantilever Shelving Systems

The cantilever is an exceptionally useful supporting design for shelving and racking systems, offering strong support without compromising on accessibility and visibility of stock. When designing cantilever shelving systems, there are a number of considerations to make, which is why we’ve prepared these guidelines to help you with your plan. Common usage scenarios for cantilever shelving systems include libraries, retail/supermarket […]

6 Considerations Before Purchasing a Flow Rack System

Before purchasing carton flow racks (or any storage system) for your warehouse, there are a few questions you need to ask first, so you find the right type of shelving and racking system for your operation. 1. Available Space The first factor that you need to consider is how much space you have available in your warehouse. Ideally, you want […]

Common Types of Efficient Mezzanine Platform Designs

Warehouse owners looking for ways to make more use of their vertical space, improve storage capacity and work towards a high-density, efficient operation should definitely look at mezzanine platforms. One advantage of mezzanine platforms is that they can change the shape of a warehouse, not just affecting the statistics like capacity and square footage, but also the flow and structure […]

Are Used Pallet Racks Safe?

When you put in an order to modify, expand or upgrade your pallet rack storage, it can sometimes be hard to keep the costs under control. Purchasing reliable pallet racking is crucial, as you need to protect your business by keeping workers and stock safe. Used racking is definitely an option to cut costs, but is it safe to use […]

When To Use Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking solutions are popular among clients who need to store long and bulky materials like plywood, steel pipes, steel bar stock, PVC pipes, lumber, and more. If you’ve ever used cantilever racks, you’ll know why they’re also a popular solution for other bulky items like furniture and boats. Cantilever racking allows you to maximize the floor space in your […]

Warehouse Storage Tips

Warehouses are a crucial part of many business operations. Running a smooth operation, with maximized storage capacity, organization and ease of access are paramount to many companies that depend on their ability to store large amounts of their product and need to deliver it quickly. Whether your need warehouse pallet racks, modular storage, or even software, there are many resources […]

Step-By-Step Guide for Organizing Warehouse Space

Running low on space when you’re running a warehouse operation presents a problem. Efficiency decreases, stock piles up in inconvenient places, and disorganization reigns. Properly organizing your warehouse space using simple evaluations, as well as the proper steel racks for warehouse use, can get you on the right track. Step 1: Evaluate Your Inventory Know what you’re receiving, storing, and […]

Single versus Multi-Bay Racking Systems

When you’re looking for new racking, find out and explore the different options available to you such as single-bay or multi-bay, used pallet racking or new racking. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each and how can they apply to your business? Most importantly, can they make a difference to your bottom-line? Let’s explore the differences between the two […]

How To Maximize Usage of Your Mezzanine

Your warehouse mezzanine can be a great boost to your operation. These overhead options offer multiple uses to maximize the efficiency of the building you’re in. Steel shelving mezzanine racks allow you to utilize the space surrounding your mezzanine fully. Mezzanines can double your square footage by taking advantage of the vertical space in your warehouse. They allow you to […]