8 Ideas for Optimizing Your Warehouse Operations

Optimizing your warehouse operations means more than just changing out your industrial shelving units or changing inventory managements systems. Warehouse optimization requires research, budgeting, and planning not only for current but future needs. Regular reviews, even of very profitable enterprises, can help you adapt quickly to changing business climates and changes in technology. To grow your business, you need to […]

Warehouse Mezzanines and Safety: How to Keep Workers Safe

Using the mezzanine floor of a warehouse can create at of extra valuable space, ofttimes doubling and tripling usable space. Using a Mezzanine, however, creates safety concerns for your workers. With the right safety equipment and construction, policies, and worker education warehouse owners can minimize the hazards associated with warehouse mezzanines and create that additional warehouse space you need. Height […]

Things to Consider when Planning a Food Storage Warehouse

Food warehouse managers work hard. High stock turnovers, different storage temperatures required for various food stuffs and sanitation, creates a fast-pace work environment. Some products could be kept in wire cages on shelves with minimal temperature requirements, while others need below freezing temperatures. Food and drink storage often requires a variety of different storage solutions and warehouse designs. Regulations The […]

The Cannabis Drying and Curing Process Explained

Drying and curing cannabis takes a lot of space and time. These are important steps in the process of bringing a hemp plant from harvest to the retail shelf. Growers generally use wire shelving systems to ensure a quality drying process, essential for obtaining the best yield possible from each plant. These critical steps can make the difference between a […]

Solutions for When You Run Out of Warehouse Space

Many warehouse operations find themselves running out of space at some point. Simply adding a few more industrial shelving units or racks may no longer be feasible. Leasing or buying new space is certainly an option, but first consider some of these ideas to improve efficiency and add space for your growing operation. Expand Up Many warehouse owners forget to […]

11 Uses for Wire Mesh Partitions

Managing the limited space available inside a warehouse or factory can be tricky, but wire cages are one of the easiest and most cost-effective options to do so. Cordoning off work areas is important for worker safety, and managing the flow of people and items through your facility can help you streamline your operations. Even climate control and visitor management […]

Hemp Harvesting: The Drying Process and Rack Selection

The hemp market has gone for virtually nothing to a multi-billion dollar industry in a few years. Commercial hemp operations have sprung up throughout the United States, creating new markets for agricultural equipment, shelving systems providers, and other support businesses. One of the critical steps in growing hemp is the drying process. Growers must carefully follow a multi-step process to […]

12 Common Warehouse OSHA Compliance Violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards are notoriously hard to understand. At a warehouse, with mezzanine floors several feet or even stories in the air, forklifts, slippery floors, pallets, and heavy objects, without adequate safety precautions accidents are inevitable. Given the complexity of OSHA rules, you may find it challenging to know precisely what may be required of […]

7 Uses for Wire Security Cages

Wire cages provide you with a great way to protect valuable, sensitive, pilferable, or accountable property inside your warehouse or facility. The government has mandated specific minimal physical security standards for wire security cages when you store certain narcotics and other drugs. Wire Security Cage Benefits Using a wire security cage has several advantages over other types of secure storage […]

How to Keep OSHA Satisfied: 11 Warehouse Safety Tips

Maximizing the safety of your warehouse requires examining everything from your shelving systems to your loading dock doors. Since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a very keen eye for potential workplace safety problems, it’s common for employers to have minor issues come up during inspections. While OSHA generally doesn’t levy fines as soon as a problem is […]

Organizing Your Inventory with Cantilever Racks

Creating an efficient warehouse operation often comes down to how well you can store and pick your inventory. However, some items cannot be organized into standard pallet racking systems. While many warehouses opt to store these items on the floor, this can present a serious hazard to employees and also reduce the overall efficiency of the warehouse. Cantilever racks offer […]

How to Store Bulky Items

Easy access to space-saving storage is one of the keys to a successful warehouse operation, but storing long, large, or oddly shaped items on a standard pallet racking system can present a challenge. Fortunately, there is a storage solution for even the bulkiest items in your warehouse: cantilever racks. Cantilever Racking Cantilever racking offers the perfect storage alternative for items […]

A Guide to Pallet Rack Frame Capacity

Whether you are using new or used pallet racking, understanding the pallet rack frame capacity is essential to the safety and productivity of your warehouse. Overloading or miscalculating the pallet rack frame capacity can compromise the entire structure putting the system at risk of collapse. To learn more about pallet rack frame capacity and how you can ensure the safety […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Jaken Wire Shelving and Accessories

Jaken has been producing high-quality shelving units for decades and is known for their durable construction and versatile applications. Read on to learn more about how you can use a Jaken wire rack and shelving unit and accessories to increase your warehouse productivity. Jaken Stationary Chrome Wire Shelving Constructed from high-quality materials coated in a rust-proof chrome plating, the Jaken […]

10 Must-Have Wire Shelving Accessories

At Shelving +Rack Systems, Inc, our wire shelving units offer the best in flexible storage for your warehouse, and our range of wire rack and shelving accessories like our durable AkroBins® allow you to fully customize your units to suit your storage needs. Here are ten must-have accessories for your wire shelving system. 1. Basket Shelves Basket shelves are ideal […]

6 Unexpected Places Guardrails Are Needed

Accidental injuries are an unfortunate occurrence in the warehouse industry. But you can protect your warehouse employees and inventory by installing guardrails in hazardous areas such as around machinery and raised walkways. However, there are other hazards in your warehouse that are often overlooked. Here are six unexpected places where guardrails are needed. 1. Offices Administration is as important to […]

6 Hidden Hazards in Your Warehouse

Warehouse safety is an integral part of operating a successful warehouse. However, there are a number of hidden dangers in your warehouse that can cause serious injury to workers or damage to inventory if the proper precautions are not in place, such as guardrails or high visibility tagging. Here are six hidden hazards to look out for in your warehouse. […]

5 Pallet Rack Installation Tips

Pallet racking is designed to improve warehouse efficiency by providing organized storage for palleted inventory. However, if your racking system is not installed properly, and the proper precautions are taken before installation, your employees are at risk of injury, and the inventory can potentially be damaged. This is especially important if you are installing used pallet racking. To help you […]

Restaurant Shelving and Accessories Guide

With the variety of wire rack products available for restaurant shelving, it can be difficult to determine the storage you need. There are several goals that quality restaurant shelving should achieve, such as adding safety and efficiency to your operations. As well as shelving, there are many accessories that can be used for restaurant storage or help with restaurant storage […]

OSHA Guidelines for Guardrails in Warehouses

The warehousing industry has a higher average rate of injury than any other industry in the country. Warehouse safety is one of the most important parts of running a successful warehouse operation. A safe work environment not only protects workers from injury but can also boost productivity and improve cost efficiency. Installing guardrails in your facility is a worthwhile investment, […]

4 Major Logistic Parks in the USA

In the industrial sector, goods are typically stored on wire shelving, heavy duty shelving or pallet racking in a warehouse or fulfillment center far from city centers, but logistics parks (or hubs) are growing in popularity across the United States as well as globally due to the demands of e-commerce. In order to expand their operations, manufacturers and distributors seek […]

Warehouse Tire Storage Tips

If you stock tires in your warehouse, dealership, repair shop or fulfillment center then you must store them in such a way to prevent them from becoming damaged. Tires are prone to wear if stored improperly for lengthy periods. Always use high-quality and reliable heavy-duty shelving to keep them out the sunlight and to reduce outgassing which adversely impacts the […]