Warehouse Tire Storage Tips

If you stock tires in your warehouse, dealership, repair shop or fulfillment center then you must store them in such a way to prevent them from becoming damaged. Tires are prone to wear if stored improperly for lengthy periods. Always use high-quality and reliable heavy-duty shelving to keep them out the sunlight and to reduce outgassing which adversely impacts the […]

6 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Warehouse Racking System

Modern commercial warehouses evolved from railway depots and granaries and became popular and more specialized after World War II. During the war, warehouses were used to house mass produced war supplies, and the only commercial shelving was pallet racks which had been used routinely in warehouses since the invention of the forklift in the early 1900s. Today’s warehouse racking systems […]

OSHA Regulations for Stacking Bulk Storage

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) sets guidelines for stacking goods in a warehouse or fulfillment center. These guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of employees and others in the facility. While the type of heavy-duty shelving you use is important, knowing how to stack your merchandise correctly is also critical. Collapsing loads and falling stock can […]

Hygiene Tips for Food Storage Warehouses

When creating a food storage warehouse, some considerations may be unnecessary when creating warehouse spaces to store furniture, machinery, or other goods. It isn’t as simple as erecting several wire shelving units and finishing the job. Here’s a helpful guide to how to best create a comprehensively safe and effective food storage warehouse. What kind of food needs to be […]

Top 7 Reasons to Use Wire Shelving in a Warehouse

When you are looking for the most sustainable and effective ways to design your warehouse, there are many types of shelving available to you. Each form of shelving comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks, but as time goes on, more warehouse managers and operators are choosing wire shelving units in their warehouses for a number of reasons. […]

10 Warehouse Forklift Safety Tips

When working in or operating a warehouse, it is important to be aware of any potential liabilities as well as make sure that safety is a paramount concern. Safety can take many forms but is especially crucial when operating large machines and equipment around commercial shelving, such as forklifts. Forklift safety can easily be achieved by following the tips listed […]

Warehouse Safety: 7 Best Practices

When running a business that involves managing a warehouse, it can feel overwhelming when attempting to manage both the day-to-day operations of the business as well as keep your warehouse a safe and efficient workspace. This guide to warehouse safety best practices will help you and your employees navigate through the pallet racking and heavy duty shelving as safely as […]

18 Secrets to Successful Wholesaling: From Storage to Sales

Running a successful wholesale business can seem a daunting prospect, particularly considering the stiff competition. Every decision you make, whether it is between wire shelving units or pallet racks, or between member or non-member sales, can affect the likelihood of your success. Because there are so many areas that can affect your success, there are also many ways to help […]

25 Tips for Moving into a New Warehouse Successfully

Moving from one warehouse to another is a challenging task. Not only is it difficult to move heavy duty storage racks, pallets, and inventory, but there are many added logistical issues. From assessing your current warehouse design and processes to building ideas for your new space, the job is complex and demanding. Planning ahead using the following tips can help […]

4 Tricks to Improve Storage in a Tight Space

4 Tricks to Improve Storage in a Tight Space

Running out of space in a small warehouse can be a nightmare for warehouse managers. This can be due to reasons such as overstocking or seasonal inventory increases and can lead to a huge number of problems that reduce efficiency and potentially put warehouse workers in danger. Unfortunately, relocating or expanding a warehouse can be cost-prohibitive for many businesses. The […]

When is a High Pile Storage Permit Required?

When is a High Pile Storage Permit Required?

Purchasing the correct rack, such as cantilever rack, pallet rack or a push back rack, for your warehouse is only one of many steps that should be taken to keep your warehouse and employees safe. If you are storing combustible inventory that exceeds a certain height, you may be required to obtain a high pile storage permit. This permit is […]

Warehouse Design: 6 Benefits of Hiring Professionals

Warehouse Design: 6 Benefits of Hiring Professionals

If you’re looking into purchasing new warehouse racking, you might think this is a task you’re prepared to handle on your own. That may be true, but here are six reasons that hiring a professional is the right choice for you when considering upgrading your warehouse design. 1. Improving efficiency Many factors play into the level of efficiency of a […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pallet Racking Systems

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pallet Racking Systems

When it comes to installing and maintaining a pallet racking system in a warehouse, there are a host of critical factors to understand to ensure safety and promote efficiency. An adequate understanding of what a pallet racking can and cannot do will not only eliminate accidents but can also save a business time and money. When it comes to installing […]

What is pallet racking?

Should Pallet Racks Be Bolted to the Floor?

When working in warehouses, safety is, of course, a paramount concern. Bolting pallet racks to the floor is one way to improve warehouse safety for all workers. What is pallet racking? Ever since they were patented in the 1940s, pallet racking has been used in the industrial sector to maximize storage space and improve product selectivity. Today, it is the […]

Maximizing Warehouse Space When Expansion Isn't an Option

Maximizing Warehouse Space When Expansion Isn’t an Option

With warehouse space at a premium, moving to new premises or building an extension on your current space can be cost prohibitive for many businesses. Fortunately, there is a solution that is both cost-effective and can maximize the warehouse racking space you already have. Warehouse optimization creates an efficient storage and retrieval system that allows you to store more items […]

Cantilevered Storage Rack Safety

Cantilevered Storage Rack Safety

Cantilever racking is excellent for storage of large, uniquely shaped items such as couches, sofas, lumber and metal tubing. Typically, these heavier items take up a significant amount of floor space in your warehouse or storage facility. With cantilever pallet racking, these items are easily located and accessed due to the convenient way in which cantilever racks organize the product. […]

8 Safety Tips for Warehouse Ergonomics

8 Safety Tips for Warehouse Ergonomics

Deciding which warehouse racking system works for a business is all about space and anticipated volume. Warehouse ergonomics means having a functional, streamlined warehouse floor. Ergonomics are critical in terms of mitigating safety risks, optimizing speed, and lowering cost. When considering warehouse ergonomics, there are many issues to consider. As with any workplace, especially a warehouse, safety is of the […]

A Guide to Pallet Racking Safety

Pallet racking safety is an important consideration for any warehouse manager. The productivity and safety of your employees should be your number one priority. Not only do workplace accidents and injuries account for millions in lost revenue, but they are also the single biggest cause of missed days of work, which can have a significant impact on productivity. The warehouse […]

10 Insider Tips for Selecting and Installing Pallet Racks

Are you considering installing pallet racking in your warehouse or industrial workspace? Choosing and installing pallet racking may, on the surface, seem like a fairly simple task. However, given the plethora of options now available, careful consideration must be taken to maximize warehouse or workspace efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Before making a purchase, be aware of exactly how much to budget. […]

Vertical Lift Modules vs. Vertical Carousels: Which One Is Best for Your Storage Needs?

A vertical carousel or a vertical lift module (VLM) are both ideal material handling options to improve the workflow of your warehouse operation. One of the major challenges in managing warehouse operations is how to optimize the efficiency of the warehouse floor area. In the modern digital era, the complexity of warehouse operations is continually evolving. It becomes critical to […]

Industrial Shelving: 11 Warehouse Storage Solutions

Industrial shelving systems are ideal for any warehouse looking to maximize their storage capacity. These solutions can be custom-made to fit within the height of your industrial environment or storage space, and they are fully designed for your specifications and purposes. As industrial shelving becomes increasingly popular, you can now adapt your warehouse racks and shelves to suit a diverse […]

9 Popular Uses for Metal Shelving in the Workplace

There are several reasons why metal shelving in the workplace remains a popular option. Not only can it accommodate workplace storage needs, but metal shelving is also durable, affordable and a versatile option. Some of the more popular uses for metal shelving in the workplace include: 1.Storing Heavy Items Unlike plastic shelving or some of the other materials available, metal […]