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In-Plant Offices

Industrial plants and warehouses require office and manufacturing space. However, building permanent structures might interfere with ever-changing operations and space requirements. In Plant Modular offices provide the solution to this problem.

Some of the more common reasons they are used are to control the environment and reduce noise.

Modular, in-plant office systems offer the comfort and convenience of conventional, standard on-site constructed office buildings much quicker than and at a mere fraction of the cost.

Our noise reducing, fire retardant constructed offices effortlessly adapt to a variety of uses and provide for fast, easy installation without sacrificing quality, resilience or effectiveness.

Benefits of Modularity

Moving a modular office takes little effort, simply disassemble them and reassemble them in the desired location. Reuse all the components when you do.

Modular structures use interchangeable framing pieces and wall units for maximum flexibility. They come in a variety of panel finishes Vinyl, FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), steel, embossed aluminum and smooth aluminum. You can adddifferent levels of insulation to meet your particular application.The modularity makes them ideal for use asmodular cleanrooms.

As they are pre-engineered by the factory, you don’t need an architect or design engineer. Modular structures cost less than permanent structures.

They also provide a significant tax advantage, as equipment, modular in-plant offices can be depreciated over seven years compared to stud and gypsum standard construction which must depreciated over 39 years. In addition, they can be expensed immediately in accordance with section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code. This faster depreciation can mean significant tax savings to you. Please confirm with your accountant the availability of these deductions for your specific situation.


an excellent example of a modular in-plant office is the shipping office. Installed near the loading dock, the shipping office forms the final gateway for products leaving the facility. The area often is noisy and busy. Although your managers must remain nearby, they also need a quiet area to work while supervising the activity. An in-plant modular office provides thisquiet space.

Larger in-plant offices serve a variety of purposes. You can use them for administrative staff, as breakrooms, controlled manufacturing environments, wash down rooms, waiting areas for professional drivers, or as classrooms.

Our in-plant officescan be divided in multiple offices.Prefabricated office walls allowyou to divide up the interior space into different rooms with multiple uses, so several employees can work within the structure with a modicum of privacy.

Multiple Levels

Two-story modular in-plant offices serve many purposes. Companies use them as conference rooms, offices, and break rooms.

Placing supervisor offices up high in a vision tower allows the supervisory staff clear lines of sight to monitor what goes on around the plant, while still allowing the space below to be utilizedas part of the operation

The same is true for modular in-plant offices installed as part of a mezzanine. The elevation allows supervisors to track work on the floor level. Record storage in an in-plant office on a mezzaninekeeps the records convenient but isolated from general foot traffic.

As with all Shelving + Rack Systems prefabricated structures, we offer professional design and installation to accommodate the unique space requirements of our customers.

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