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Open Shelf Filing X-Ray Shelving

When it comes to large scale filing systems- open shelf file storage for patient medical records, legal files,and X-Rays require open-shelf filing so healthcare staff can quickly locate and access records at a glance. The shelving will accommodate files in an organized and efficient manner.

These filing systems are made to house folders with labels sticking out to the side. Side tab files used in this fashion make filing folders a breeze to find at any given moment.

You can adjust open-shelf filing to fit whatever sort of physical files you maintain. Common sizes are for letter size files, legal size files,and X-ray, there are customizable configurations let you optimize the space you have available.

The open-shelving has strong, long-lasting construction, flexible enough to let us design the perfect system for your unique needs.

Space and Cost Savings

One of the best reasons for openshelf filing is the reduction in overhead costs. Openshelf filing requires much less space than traditional drawer filing or other methods. It can easily cut the space for storing files in half. With movable openshelf filing systems, you can store four times as many medical records than in a lateral or vertical filing cabinet.

The traditional filing systems tend to cost more due to the mechanical drawer hardware.

Additionally, an openshelf filing system allows several users access at one time. The ability to find and retrieve information quickly allows employees more time to focus on their jobs.

Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving units save space by effectively eliminating all but one aisle within the shelves, and that aisle can go wherever the staff chooses.

Mobile shelving units roll on rails installed on the office floor. Mobile systems usually involve multiple units pushed together when not in use. In order to access files in the middle of the system, staff members turn the crank at the end of each unit until an aisle is made in front of the shelves to which access is needed. The rails are designed for ADA compliance.

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