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Open Shelf Filing System

An open shelf filing system is ideal for busy work environments where employees need quick access to hard-copy documents and files. While drawer filing systems or storage cabinets require the staff member to open the unit, an open file shelving system enables them to see which records are on the shelves immediately.

Employees can use color-coded files to identify active files or archived papers for improved organization. Because it is easy to view side tabs on this shelving system, employees can quickly retrieve essential documents when required.

Because of the increased storage capacity and vertical filing ability, these units are high-density storage systems that take up less floor space in a filing room. When office space is at a premium, you can replace filing cabinets with open shelf systems for increased storage capacity.

You can purchase these file storage systems in multiple configurations and use tab file organization to keep file folders close at hand. You can adjust open shelf filing systems to fit a variety of sized documentation in your office. Standard sizes are for letters or more substantial A4 sized files.

With long-lasting and durable construction, these units are long lasting and are an excellent investment in your business for improved organization and productivity.

While these units are useful in most industries, they are especially useful for providing rapid access to more considerable sized documentation such as medical records and X-rays.

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