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Pallet Racking System

Pallet racks are necessary to maximize space in storage and product selectivity in facilities. Since patented in the 1940s, businesses have used pallet racks to efficiently increase storage density by utilizing vertical space to store pallets of materials off the ground.

This material handling system is the most popular system found in warehouses, manufacturing plants and other storage facilities.

There are multiple styles of pallet racks available, each suited to different inventory and operating needs.

How to Select a Pallet Racking System Warehouse Configuration

Consider the space and height available in your warehouse or another facility, as well as any unique features of the building’s architecture when designing a pallet rack configuration. Factor in the weight, shape, size, and rotation requirements of the products you intend to store. Experts recommend utilizing the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)’s list of approved pallet measurements to assist in your selection.

Thoroughly assess your inventory and operational needs, as well as the rate of inventory turnover before deciding on the configuration. Determine whether you require a first-in, first-out (FIFO) loading system or a last-in, first-one (LIFO) system. Consider the type of inventory you store and the regulations, if any, pertaining to its storage.

Your pallet rack style will also impact your equipment needs, so ensure your lift equipment matches the pallet rack and configuration used.

Pallet Rack safety accessories, such as post protectors and end-aisle protections are another option to consider.

Our professionals can guide you through this process to carefully design a pallet rack system that best meets your business needs.

Pallet Rack Accessories


The Most Commonly Used Pallet Racking

Selective pallet rack is a material handling system that allows pallets to be unloaded without moving other pallets. This is the most common style of pallet rack, allowing the greatest flexibility for businesses that want to maximize storage space.

The selective pallet rack engineering permits accessibility to the pallet from the aisles. Beams act as a support system.

Selective pallet racks come in the two most common styles of racks:
Pallet rack commonly referred to as Roll-form selective rack has been the standard for most storage applications. This type of racking has been a popular solution due to its easy installation.It does not require bolts or other hardware to install the beams to the uprights. The beams simply clip into a teardrop hole on the uprights. The shelf beams have an integrated safety clipon the end clampto help keep the beam in place, so it doesn’t become accidentally become disengaged.

The most common type of roll form rack is teardrop rack, there have been many other types manufactured over the years, such as Keystone rack, Sturdi Bilt wedge lock, T boltand many others. – see our rack identifier to help you in determining what type of pallet racking you have or simply call us,and we will help you.

The other type of racking is structural pallet rack, the shelf beam to upright connection is made with bolts. The uprights are manufactured from structural C channels that are punched so that the beams can be bolted to the uprights. The beams can either be structural C channels as well or roll formed step beams. This type of racking is generally used in heavier duty or where the possibility of abuse exists.

Other Pallet Rack Styles

There are many otherpallet rack styles available that can address your specific requirements. These include racks for storing irregularly-shaped products and racks that enable you to access large, heavy inventory items easily.

Pallet flow racks, for example,are ideal for storing a large quantity of inventory in a small space while maintaining a FIFO loading system.

Businesses that deal with nonperishable and low turnover items most often use drive-in pallet racking. These are typically constructedwith one-entry and exit area that allows forklifts access to both sides of the bay.

Drive-through racks and pushback racking are two other types of pallet storage that may work for your application
We will help you select the right style of pallet rack for your business.

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