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Die Cart

Die carts are essential in any manufacturing environment needing die transfer. Fast and efficient die changes are necessary to keep production lines flowing and your warehouse fulfilling customer orders. Even small periods of downtime can add up to significant wasted hours over a prolonged period.

In confined spaces, die storage needs to be easily accessible for die handlers, allowing them to both use a quick change die system while also improving safety. To ensure every hour is as productive as possible, employees need to have the right tools to do their jobs effectively.

Custom engineers can improve electric die and station die cart delivery systems by considering length, width, and other important considerations of a free-ranging die transfer cart system.

Height Adjustable and Heavy Duty

Employees are at their most efficient when the equipment they use supports them in doing their jobs to the best of their ability. Workers need equipment that can adapt to the individual worker’s needs.

Employees are short and tall: An employee who is 6’4” will find it uncomfortable if they have to work at a unit designed for someone who is 5’6”, and vice-versa when working at a die table.

Our die carts are height-adjustable, so the user can work at the height that is in relation to their build and the most comfortable for them. Not only does this improve efficiency, but it significantly reduces the risk of workplace injury. Such injuries leave your workforce depleted, with the potential for expensive and time-consuming recruitment of new staff. If an employee suffers significant harm, a lawsuit could follow.

Efficient roller decks and a powered push-pull system can help alleviate issues when using die or mold cart equipment. Dies can be challenging to move, and the roller decks help with effective but safe handling practices.

Dies are frequently stored on the factory floor, and our heavy-duty carts with high strength shelving can transport them smoothly from work station to work station. You can choose a multi-tiered shelving system, allowing the transportation of different dies on each level. Polyurethane casters will protect your surfaces when the carts are on the move.

Save Labor Costs

Aside from the costs saved by keeping employees safe in the workplace, there are savings in terms of productivity. If employees are spending too much time moving heavy-duty die materials from one location to another, time and money are lost.

A die cart enables workers to move significant amounts of material around the factory floor, maintaining efficiency and productivity. Some stations can accommodate up to 10,000 lbs in a single- or dual-station system and can be utilized as a manual or powered walk method of transportation. The powered battery walk system is especially useful for when your die cart sustains substantial use.

Suit Your Needs

Before choosing a die cart, it’s essential to consider the minimum and maximum load capacity you will need, deck sizing, frequency of use for picking the correct battery, what size is the area your cart will operate in, and the control mode required. If loads are particularly heavy, then it may be more suitable to choose a battery-powered control method over a manual system.

Last Words

Die carts are vital for ensuring your facility is working at maximum efficiency and keeping orders going out to your customers. Contact us today for a free consultation and expert advice on the right die cart for you.


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