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Die Handling Carts

Die Handling Carts

Die carts are essential in any manufacturing environment needing die transfer. Fast and efficient die changes are necessary to keep production lines flowing and your warehouse fulfilling customer orders. Even short periods of downtime can add up to significant wasted hours over a prolonged period.

In confined spaces, die storage racks must be easily accessible for die handlers, allowing them to use a quick change die system while also improving safety. To ensure every hour is as productive as possible, die cart capabilities must match your facility’s needs, so employees can perform their tasks effectively.

Custom engineers can improve electric lift and station die cart delivery systems by considering a free-ranging die transfer cart system’s length, width, and other essential features.

Custom Die Handler Features

Die handling carts, also known as die handlers, are essential for productivity in a manufacturing environment. Employees are at their most efficient when the equipment they use supports them in doing their jobs to the best of their ability. Workers may also need ancillary equipment and optional features, such as overhead cranes to help handle heavy loads and adapt to each worker’s needs.

Employee heights may vary significantly. For instance, a 6’4” employee will find it uncomfortable or challenging to complete their duties if they have to use fixed-height carts designed for a 5’6” operator. Height adjustability features allow workers of all builds to use a die handler as efficiently as possible under all conditions.

Dies are frequently stored on the factory floor, near heavy equipment such as hydraulic presses or mechanical presses. Our heavy-duty carts with high-strength shelving can transport them smoothly between workstations.

You can choose a multi-tiered shelving system, allowing the transportation of a wide range of dies on each level.

Wheels and caster custom options

Additional features include wheels and casters. Choosing the right type of caster can make a difference. For example, phenolic wheels have the highest strength-to-weight ratio, granting them high load handling capacities, ideal for transporting heavy and dense loads.

Besides their heavy-duty construction, phenolic casters are also ideal for chemical transport carts due to the phenolic resin’s high natural resistance to oils, greases, and other chemical agents.

Polyurethane wheels do not leave marks on the floor, nor do they pick up debris while rolling, protecting your floor space and increasing its longevity. This caster type is ideal for carts operating near injection molding machines and other manufacturing equipment.

Custom Die Handler

Workplace Safety

Our die and mold change carts are height-adjustable, allowing operators to work at the height most suited to their build. Not only do ergonomic products improve efficiency, but they also significantly reduce the risk of workplace injuries such as musculoskeletal disorders, which can leave your workforce depleted and result in significant labor costs.

Efficient roller decks and a powered push/pull mechanism can help alleviate issues when using die or mold cart equipment. Dies can be challenging to move, and the roller decks improve safe and effective handling practices, preventing your carts or storage racks from sustaining damage.

During the loading and unloading process, it is critical for any transfer cart, from die carts to mold carts, to be as stable as possible. A heavy-duty floor lock system helps your personnel keep the cart in a safe and static position even when handling the heaviest loads, significantly decreasing the risk of an accident.

Increased Cost-Efficiency

Aside from the costs saved by keeping employees safe in the workplace, bulk materials carts offer significant productivity boosts. Efficient die handling carts help employees cut down the amount of time transporting materials from one location to another, reducing labor and manufacturing costs.

A die cart enables workers to move significant amounts of material around the factory floor, maintaining efficiency and productivity. Cart payload capacities vary depending on the model. Bulkier lifting equipment can accommodate up to 10,000 lbs. via a single- or dual-station cart system and can be utilized as a manual or powered walk method of transportation.

A battery-powered electric die cart also known as a walkie electric die cart is particularly beneficial for heavy-duty applications, where retrieval systems are likely to see heavy usage.

Choose a Custom Die Cart That Suits Your Needs

Custom die carts should be durable. Die carts must be sufficiently rugged to function efficiently in harsh industrial environments. For these reasons, the best models are typically stainless steel carts due to this material’s high strength and impact resistance.

Before choosing a custom die cart, it’s essential to consider which needs and objectives you must meet. Typical considerations include minimum and maximum load capacity, deck sizing, floor space restrictions, control modes, and frequency of utilization.

If the transported loads are significantly cumbersome, a battery-powered control method may suit your facility’s needs more efficiently than a manually actuated system. Walkie electric die carts typically feature ergonomic lifts with powered push/pull functions, allowing you to move and handle the heaviest materials with ease.

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Heavy-duty retrieval systems such as die carts are vital for ensuring your facility operates at maximum efficiency, keeping manufacturing costs down.

If you’re looking to equip your facility with a new fleet of custom carts for material handling, Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. can help you find the most efficient solutions.

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