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Shelving/Wide Span Shelving

Widespan or bulk shelving commonly referred to as bulk rackis the perfect solution for products that are too small for a pallet rack but too large for traditional shelving. This type of storage shelving system is best-suited for inventory that is individually handled and not on pallets.

Some businesses prefer this type of shelving because of its modular design and adjustable shelves which allows greater flexibility for expansions in the future. Companies with unique products that require piece-picking or that have a low turnover rate are ideallysuited for widespan shelving.

Bulk shelving provides a cost-effective, efficient method for storing bulk, non-palletized items or irregularly sized products that do not fit on standard shelving. Many companies add this shelving after a pallet rack installation or assemble as a stand-alone unit.This type of shelving cannot be loaded with a fork truck only hand loaded.

Configuring more sophisticated multi-level systems utilizing widespan shelving is possible.

Some Benefits of Widespan Bulk Shelving

Widespan bulk shelving is extremely easy to assemble. The units have few parts, many that simplysnap together. Assembly often requires little or no hardware and minimal tools.

Many prefer this type of shelving because it is very cost-effective and easy to maintain. It consists of a steel frame that supports your deck surface of choice.The decking is supported on all four edges and through the middle. In some cases, for heavy duty die storage steel shelf decking can be provided.

The heavy-duty, durable steel frames can typically hold up to 2,000 pounds per shelf. Particleboard is the most common deck type, followed closely by open wire mesh deck

Their modular design also makes them ideal for business growth, as widespan bulk shelving can be used for multiple warehouse layouts and can be easily reconfigured. The shelves of these units are also easily adjustable, allowing for a widerange of widths and heights.

Widespan Bulk Storage Shelving Options

A variety of options are available for widespan bulk shelving.

You can interchange the decking depending on need with particle board, plywood, steel, or wire depending on the level of support needed.

Widespan bulk shelving is also available at multiple depths, widths, and heights. Shelving can be ordered in sizes up to 26 feet high. The load capacity of these units depends on the beam sizing and spacing selected. The closer the beam spacing, the greater overall capacity of the units. This makes it possible to select units that are aligned with your business’ specific load weight needs.

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