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Modular Clean Rooms

Clean rooms offer your business a controlled environment for the handling and production of highly sensitive materials. Clean rooms are held to a very high standard and installed under extraordinarily meticulous guidelines, to guarantee the safety of your quality during production.

It is essential that models be installed without flaw. Therefore the installation team must be familiar with the process. It is necessary to consider the classification of your sensitive products when choosing the clean room that is best for your business’ needs. Clean rooms are available in prefabricated models saving you money while still bringing you a safe environment in which to handle your sensitive materials.

The Benefits of Prefabricated Modular Clean Rooms

Shelving + Rack Systems offers clean rooms in multiple styles. These styles are all prefabricated modular buildings, meaning the delivery and installation is quick and easy. Our team of professional installers can expertly install your clean room in no time at all.

The ease of installation also allows you to effortlessly remodel and expand your clean room with a minimum of downtime as your business grows in the future. When remodeling your business, you may need to relocate your clean room. Relocation is easy with prefabricated models since they can be uninstalled and then reinstalled in the new location with ease. Overall, Prefabricated Modular clean rooms will save you time and money when compared to conventional construction options. Due to their modular construction, they qualify for accelerated tax depreciation.

Prefabricated Modular clean rooms are fully customizable, so you can easily create the clean room work environment that is best for both your employees and your business. Shelving + Rack Systems clean rooms provide the necessary particulate, temperature and humidity control to create the best environment possible to maximize your production. Additionally, Shelving + Rack System’s modular clean rooms provide superior control and sanitation standards.

Product Classification when Choosing a Prefabricated Clean Room

Your product’s classification will affect your options when choosing filters, materials, and components for your clean room. For instance, specific product classifications require certain floor coverings, floor bases, ceiling covers, filter efficiencies, wall systems, or air returns. You will also need to consider your rate of air changes per hour, filter coverage percentages, and the cubic feet per minute of airflow. Each of these things will vary by the classification of the materials processed in each room.

There are situations in which airlocks and multiple separate clean rooms will be necessary. Our team will help you determine the best solution for your application.

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