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Steel Industrial Shelving


Metal Shelving is a cost-effective, strong, durable and versatile system. Our steel shelves have a welded box beam construction, corners that are lapped/welded and side flanges with triple bends. Shelves attach to the uprights with 4 independent compression type clips and come in three types to meet a range of load capacities up to 1,000 pounds per shelf uniformly loaded.

We offer a diverse inventory of steel shelving systems, with a variety of accessories, sizes, and finishes, to ensure a perfect match for anybusiness’ storage needs. Steel shelving is perfect for storage of items that are oily – greasy.

Steel Shelving

Our steel shelving is available in open or closed models with accessories.They can be designed to hold a variety of products in varying widths, heights, and weights.

The shelving is durable and pleasing to the eye in any industrial or retail setting. Whether it’s a warehouse or a big-box store, every inch of space is worth money. Using spaceefficiently gives companies a competitive edge by allowing them to capture the full value of their location.

Make the system yours with accessories like locking hinged doors, bin dividers, shelf drawers, panel kits,sliding doors andlabel holders.

Steel Shelving Mezzanines

SHELVING + RACK SYSTEMS, INC. can guarantee your venue maximizes its storage potential while creating functional and insightful organizational systems using multi-level shelving solutions.

Mezzanines work to capitalize on the open space in your location. Building up, not out, is a solution that doubles the square footage of your storage space.

Our steel shelving mezzanines are in full compliance with OSHA and where required – BOCA and UBC standards.

This shelving is modular, so it allows for easy future expansion.We can design a system starting with one level and expand to two or three levels or even add deck-over applications.The mezzanines are easy to install, so your downtime is brief.

They come in endless varieties to match your unique requirements including steel industrial shelving mezzanines, structural mezzanines, Allstor (rivet shelving)mezzanines, and rack-supported mezzanines.The steel shelving mezzanines can combine with modular office buildings for anexceptionalview of allwarehouse activity.

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