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Die Rack

An integral part of the manufacturing process in every industry from making paper clips, to vehicle components, to machine assembly are forming, molding and stamping dies. Although necessary and commonplace, the bulky dimensions and heavyweight often make them difficult to handle. Dies, tooling, and other manufacturing equipment can be awkward to store because of their inability to be stacked and their large variations in weight and size.

This often results in these indispensable tools being placed on the plant’s manufacturing floor, where they are susceptible to damage, take up valuable space, and could potentially endanger employees. The simple solution for fabricators, manufacturers, and warehouse managers to store dies efficiently lies in our die storage rack systems which offer many advantages.

Strength and Capacity

Protecting your investment requires critical insight into how your most valuable components will be stored. Our heavy-duty die rack solutions are constructed from high-density steel for the superior strength and the long-term durability required by your business.

Regardless of the size and shape of your dies, our customizable racks make efficient storage hassle-free. Weight capacity varies depending on the racking purchased. Our customer service specialists can assist you with choosing the proper setup to meet the demands of your manufacturing business.


Our vertical die rack storage options offer the highest return on your investment when it comes to providing your business with the largest amount of storage space within the smallest area. The ability to adjust shelving height further allows for the unique customization needs of your manufacturing processes.

Organized Storage

No longer will you be limited to only one type of storage option. To quickly and easily locate and access needed dies and other materials, the items can be stored on fork entry bars, open beams, or solid steel decking. A mix of different options guarantees you will have the proper type of rack accommodation for each die type and size utilized by your business.

Damage Reduction

One slight mishap is all it takes to grind your manufacturing operations to a halt. Preventable accidents happen on a regular basis when machinery is continually moving in and out of aisles and around shelving. When dies are correctly stored on die racks as opposed to the warehouse floor, there is no longer the risk of material handling equipment accidentally damaging vital fabrication items, costing you valuable time and money.

Increased Floor Space

The use of die racks keeps premium floor space free from dies not currently in use. Space may instead be used to install additional racking systems to store other various materials or finished products.

Enhanced Safety

Dies stored improperly can be knocked over by unsuspecting employees or moving machinery, significantly increasing the risk of serious injury to your workforce. To adhere to best safety practices, the die racks from Shelving + Rack Systems will keep items safely stored out of harm’s way.

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