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Floor Sweepers

The sheer size of large commercial and industrial facilities, service areas, and public spaces can take an enormous effort to keep clean and use significant staff resources to maintain.

Floor sweepers provide an ergonomic solution to what can be an onerous, and time-consuming task.

Presenting a clean and safe environment boosts your business’ overall appeal and attractiveness to clients and visitors and provides a safe and healthy environment for employees.

This ultimately leads to greater production and profitability.

Key Features

Quiet, easy to push or pull, floor sweepers come in different widths, with foldable and retractable handles for compact storage. Designed for indoor and outdoor use in wet or dry conditions, floor sweepers are suitable for tile, concrete, and outdoor areas such as asphalt, pavement, cobblestones, and courtyards. Models are available manual and electrical that operate on a battery charge.

Floor sweepers collect dirt and dust with roller or circular brushes that rotate and collect debris in a self-contained waste container. Side brooms access hard to reach areas and make collecting debris from corners and edges easy.

For workshops and manufacturing environments with metal debris, magnetic sweepers attract and pick up metallic waste. The waste collects on a magnet that can be wiped for recycling, reuse, or disposal.

Why Use a Floor Sweeper?

The advantage of mechanical floor sweepers is that they can collect a range of materials found on any floor, such as fine dirt, waste materials, combustible dust, and other debris. Floor sweepers do the work of multiple handheld brushes or brooms – increasing efficiency, freeing up staff resources, and saving your organization time.

Ergonomics and Health & Safety

Use of floor sweepers assists with managing workers’ health and safety. Because floor sweepers are easy to move and maneuver, they reduce the risk of manual handling and repetitive strain injuries that result from excessive use of brooms and mops. Floor sweepers also provide a healthier dust-free method of clearing dirt and debris. Therefore there is less risk of workers inhaling allergens and toxic materials while they clean.

Walk-behind or pedestrian options are also easy to push. For expansive spaces such as large warehouses, shopping malls, large manufacturing facilities, and outdoor areas self-propelled units are available to reduce manual labor and time further.

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