Ergonomic Floor Mats

One of the latest trends in the workplace has been the increase in workers who prefer to stand while working at their desk. The publicized health benefits of standing while working have become very popular among office workers. And of course, some jobs automatically require standing for an entire shift.

Benefits of Standing While Working
Reports indicate that a sedentary lifestyle is harmful to your health. Sitting for lengthy periods of time can lead to cardiovascular disease. Additionally, extended sitting can contribute to certain types of cancer, anxiety, and depression.Sitting all day also takes a toll on your muscles causing your back and neck to ache.

Choosing to stand rather than sit lowers blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and weight which in turns lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. Studies have also shown that can be a reduction in back pain.

Standing increases blood flow,which will improve mood and energy levels and boost overall productivity.

The Harm of Standing All Day
The main problem with standing all day is that blood can pool in the legs, and veins can swell. Foot problems can also develop. Varicose veins, leg pain, and fallen arches all can come from long-term periods of standing.

Even with the best shoes, hard surfaces can be difficult to stand on for extended periods of time. It is fundamentally uncomfortable. The
key to success in a standing workplace is to soften the stress the floor places on the feet.

Ergonomic Floor Mats
Matting is your easy-to-install defense against fatigue in a wide variety of applications. Studies prove that matting providesmeasurable improvements in productivity and reduces lost time.Ergonomic floor mats at the standing desk or workstation work wonder to reduce strain on the feet. They also encourage minor movements in the legs, which keeps the blood flowing and muscles active. The give of the mat provides a slight instability, causing the body to work to stay balanced.

Some mats have beveled edges. These edges make it more difficult for the staff member to trip over the mat when stepping onto it.
In offices, carpet covered mats may prove to be the best alternative, as they will fit in with the décor better. They are easily vacuumed and are ideal for people who alternate between sitting and standing. Many office mats are made from a system of cells, rather than foam. These mats may feel less padded; they still offer all the benefits.

Industrial Applications
Rubberized mats are easy to clean with soap and water, and many mats, especially those found in an industrial environment, have rubberized non-skid bases, keeping workers safe as they stand on the mats.

Many mats made for industrial and shop-floor applications are made from heavy-duty materials, with beveled, yellow edgesto warn staff members of the change in the floor. These mats are effective in multi-shift businesses and will prevent staff members from losing balance.

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