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Rackback Safety Panels

Rackback Safety Panels

Warehousing is a fast-paced industry that relies on specialist equipment and efficient inventory management systems to ensure smooth and productive operations. While speed and efficiency are critical, warehouse managers must not overlook the importance of safety.

Accidents and injuries are an unfortunate reality for storage businesses. However, many of these are avoidable with high-quality safety equipment, like pallet rack backing systems.

These units are safety guards installed onto pallet rack systems. They prevent inventory from falling between shelving units, causing damage to products and storage equipment. Safety panels also improve safety for workers, creating a sturdy barrier between palletized goods and aisle walkways.

A pallet rack backing system is a cost-effective safety solution if your warehouse frequently handles bulky goods or heavy-duty items.

What Are Rack Backing Panels?

A rack guard is typically made from wire mesh panels, which are welded to an angle frame, providing extra rigidity to your storage system. Each panel has pre-drilled mounting holes that can slot into offset brackets or overhang rack beams.

The angle frame design ensures the protectors can also be fitted with side protectors and anchored guards for the pallet rack uprights.

A pallet rack system’s sides and lower beams absorb the most impact from machinery and forklifts. Compact warehouses with narrow aisles can be challenging to navigate, increasing the likelihood of forklift collisions. Rack protection is critical to maintaining the structural integrity of storage units.

Accumulated damage can reduce the weight capacity of the entire rack, making it vulnerable to collapse. Pallet rack damage can be hard to detect, so it’s essential to conduct regular safety checks and monitor the condition of your equipment. Signs of damage to look out for include:

  • Rack misalignment
  • Dents, cracks, or bent uprights
  • Beam deflection
  • Bent or warped support braces
  • Broken or unanchored baseplates
  • Rusted components
  • Damaged or missing safety or spacer clips

Key Features of Rack Backing Panels

A wire partition rack guard can be configured to various pallet rack systems, from a selective pallet rack setup to more complex gravity flow racks. While the precise configuration may differ depending on your storage system, all rack backing safety panels have several key components, including:

  • Standard-sized panels 4’-0” to 10’-0” wide and 3’-0” to 5’-0” high
  • Up to 10-gauge steel angle frame
  • Up to 10-gauge steel wire mesh panels
  • Flat steel stiffeners for increased stability
  • Several attachment points for adding further protective barriers
  • Angle frame wire mesh design for easy access to inventory and clear inventory visibility
  • Assembly hardware

Rack Backing Panel Components

Finding the Right Rackback Safety Panels

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we provide a broad range of storage systems and safety equipment, including custom-sized safety panels. We also stock pallet rack enclosures built from frame wire mesh panels. These rack enclosures can be built around your existing storage units for constant protection. The stock panels can also be used to create a barrier between products and aisles, increasing the level of security for warehouse operators.

Our Beast Wire pallet racking guarding solutions are high-grade security applications designed to prevent stock items and heavy loads from moving or falling from your upright pallet racks. They are available in 6-gauge, or 10-gauge resistance welded wire mesh with a thick angle frame.

Each panel is punched with slotted holes located at 12” centers. They act as connection points for reconfiguring the orientation of the panels. Our Beast Wire panels come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, so rest assured they are a reliable long-term investment.

Other Pallet Rack Safety Products

We also stock various pallet rack safety products, from column protectors to safety barriers. Our safety barriers are manufactured from woven wire mesh and are welded to angle frames for added stability. These units are coated in safety yellow, ensuring they are easy to see in busy warehouse environments. The barriers come with all necessary assembly hardware and floor anchors for seamless installation.

Other pallet rack safety products we carry include:

  • Tri-fold safety screens
  • Safety railing
  • Safety barriers
  • Steel cabinets
  • Column protectors
  • Welding protection equipment
  • Pallet rack safety netting

Improve Warehouse Safety With Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc.

Improving workplace safety should be a priority for all businesses, particularly those involved in industrial warehousing. Pallet rack safety panels are a practical and cost-effective way to protect your inventory and keep workers safe from accidental falls and spillages. As a leading provider of warehouse storage equipment, Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. is an ideal partner for any business that stores inventory.

We also offer various ancillary services, including planning, designing, and consultations. Our design team can help you choose the best products according to your warehouse layout and budget.

Our factory-trained installation crews are also available to assemble and install all equipment as per OSHA guidelines. Browse our online catalog to view our entire product range. For more information on our products and services, call (800) 589-7225.

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