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Roll Out Racks

Roll out sheet metal racks offer a high efficiency, high capacity storage option for your business. This style of storage racking can support up to 5,000 pounds of material, heavier capacities are available. The roll out sheet metal racks are customizable, so you can remove or add shelving. This type of racking reduces the amount of physical labor necessary for loading and unloading storage racks and shleves, which can also help you to lower the chance of accident and injury amongst employees as well as increase workplace morale. The roll out sheets free up floor space by storing multiple layers of materials in each rack, provides increased -safe selectivity.

Roll out sheet metal racks are durable, built to last. They are compatible for use with almost any lift system, allowing for ease of access to stored materials.

Roll out Sheet Metal Rack Styles

You can access one style of rollout metal sheets by using steel handles. The racks can be manually slid with the handles to allow access to picking machines, crane, sling, magnet, sheet lift system, or a vacuum system. This particular rack allows individual installation as well as installation in rows, which can increase storage space and is appropriate for storing heavy, low-profile loads.

Crank out shelves offer a removable mechanical crank used for ease of access to stored material. While each style varies, these mechanical cranks can allow up to 5,000 pounds of material to be accessed using only approximately 10 pounds of torque. These racks store heavier loads of materials, like motors, metal components, or sheet metals. You can also store loads of flat materials such as dies, heavy fixtures, or steel components. These racks can be used in tandem with shears or lasers as well as machine punches. Lifting equipment such as magnets, vacuum systems, or slings can be used.

Industrial Roll out Sheet Metal Rack Customization

One of the conveniences of rollout sheet metal racks is you can customize the number of shelves in each rack to increase or decrease storage capacity. Higher shelving will increase storage space while saving floor space, while lower shelving increases ease of access.

Roll out Sheet Metal Rack Sizes

Roll out sheet metal racks are available in multiple sizes. Depths range from 48” to 72” while widths range from 96” to 144”. They range in height from 73” and up and vary depending on the number and height of drawers required. Most standard drawer sizes can hold up to 5,000 pounds of stored materials, while heavy-duty drawer sizes can hold up to 10,000 pounds of stored materials.

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