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Modular Drawer Cabinets

Control and organization of inventory is a primary challenge facing many businesses. Efficient storage solutions are the answer to this problem. Modular drawer cabinets meet the need for compact, cost-effective, and customizable storage for items of all sizes.

The use of drawer cabinets prevents damage and lost items, especially when dealing with smaller high-value products and supplies. From the tiniest of fasteners to the larger items about the size of a shoe box, there is a modular drawer cabinet system that can be customized to meet the needs of your business.

Modular Drawer Cabinet Uses

They give you maximum storage in the minimum amount of space

These cabinets have a wide variety of applications in commercial and industrial space. They are particularly great for businesses working with small items, such as jewelry, hardware, or electronic components.

Businesses storing items of various sizes have found that using modular drawer cabinets improves storage efficiency. They are commonly used for the storage of tools, dies and die details, NC tools, equipment, and other frequently-accessed items. They offer protection from constant exposure to light and dust, prolonging their usable life.

Businesses that store a wide variety of items such as multiple types of screw or bolts will find modular drawer cabinets to be an efficient way of keeping these components separated, organized, and easy to locate when needed.

For businesses where secure and strict control of inventory is essential, modular drawers are available with locks for added security.

Labor and Space Efficiency

In business, efficiency is everything. Modular drawer cabinets are a space-efficient solution that allows storage of many components in a small space.

High-density storage allows more items to be stored in less space, increasing the efficiency of storage per cubic foot. This will enable businesses to allocate less storage space to inventory in their warehouse. Due to the dense nature of the storage in a modular drawer, in many instances, you can convert 3 shelving units with plastic bins into one modular drawer unit.

No matter how large or small your storage space, modular drawer cabinets will maximize your use of space and keep items organized and easy to find. Ease of locating items saves time for employees and increases labor efficiency.

Many businesses suffer productivity losses through time spent finding items, keeping them organized, and tidying up and reorganizing small objects when they spill from open storage containers. The use of modular drawer cabinets for storage eliminates these obstacles.

Types of Modular Drawer Cabinets

Many different heights, widths, and configurations of modular drawer cabinets are available to meet the needs of even the most diverse businesses. Cabinets can be designed or selected based on external dimensions, drawer size, color, need for locks, and more. Models are available with and without wheels.

Constructed from steel and aluminum components, drawer cabinets are sturdy and able to withstand constant use without showing signs of wear and tear. Standard weight capacity is 400# per drawer.

Cabinets may be custom-designed and configured to meet the unique needs, dimensional requirements, and other specifications of your business. A sales representative can assist in developing a modular drawer cabinet system that meets your specific needs.

Some of the accessories available are dividers and partitions, plastic tray inserts, drawer liners, grooved trays with dividers, label holders, NC tool holders to name a few

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