5 Advantages of Cantilever Storage Racks

Cantilever Storage Racks

Cantilever storage racks are a viable and efficient way to store and access many types of items. Loading and unloading are made easy with the proper application of heavy-duty cantilever rack systems.

These types of storage systems have a large number of industrial applications making them a practical and efficient choice for many businesses. The design of cantilever arm racks is specifically useful in storing certain types of items, especially long ones such as PVC piping, structural steel bars, and lumber as well as pallet racks.

There are many advantages to using straight arm Cantilever storage systems. Here are a few to consider when deciding what type of storage works best for your needs.

Can Easily Support Long Items

The most common reason for purchasing cantilever storage racks is the ability to easily store a wide range of long or bulky materials. The design of this storage type is extremely customizable and can be configured to suit the needs of any type of item. It is especially beneficial for storing long or cumbersome items.

Can Easily Support High Weight Items

Another important advantage of cantilever storage systems is their ability to support very high weight items. This is a very beneficial capability for businesses as many industries require the storage of heavy things.

An example of a long, high weight item that would benefit from the use of cantilever storage racks would be lumber or steel. Even objects like furniture can be stored on cantilever racks. Brace sets can easily be installed beneath the arms to provide a solid deck so heavy items like furniture or roll form sheet metal can stand on the racks.

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We can educate and instruct you on knowing exactly how much weight your storage units can handle and how to successfully fit as much product as possible on each storage unit.

Easily Stackable, High Vertical Potential

The next advantage of cantilever storage racks we are going over is the ability for them to stack. While they employ far-reaching horizontal braces, they are also able to reach tall vertical heights. Also, they are vertically open and will not obstruct anything else you want to use that space for. This capability can be very beneficial for a variety of different organization schemes for a storage facility.

When automated storage-retrieval systems are paired with high volume vertical storage systems you can maximize the efficiency of your warehouse. Cantilever storage racks are perfect for interacting intuitively with automated storage options like vertical lift systems.

However, it is always important to make sure your facility designs are all up to safety standards.

Easily Accessible

A chief principle to think about when designing a storage system is the ease of accessibility and handling of the products contained within. Cantilever storage racks are simple, quick and easy to handle.

In a warehouse, you need to be able to easily access the materials with a forklift or other machinery which is an issue easily covered with this storage structure.

Also, these storage racks can be configured as double-sided easily, which makes for a more efficient system.

One thing you will want to keep in mind when using cantilever storage racks is that since the objects stored in these racks are generally very long you will need more aisle space in order for your forklifts to transport the inventory.

Easy Installation and Reconfiguration

An important thing to do when dealing with storage systems is to plan ahead of time to incorporate new storage systems into your facility. Cantilever storage rack systems are simple and easy to install with almost any system.

This provides a very high level of compatibility and ease when adapting a storage facility to include cantilever racks. An organization scheme like this is also quite easy to reconfigure to adapt to any changes that may occur.

With the advent of the internet, installing storage structures can be even easier. Nowadays, it is quite common to buy cantilever storage racks online, which can streamline business processes even more. At Shelving+Rack Systems, Inc. we can help you with all your storage and handling needs. If you need assistance or have any questions please call us toll free at (855)-969-4164.