Cantilever Racking: The Ideal Solution for Non-Standard Products

Cantilever Racking

If your business stocks or stores big or bulky products or non-standard sized products, then warehouse cantilever racking systems are your best storage solution.

A cantilever racking system consists of vertical supports with cantilever arms attached to the supports. The system can be configured for either single-sided or double-sided use depending upon your requirements. The components can be customized, and the vertical supports and cantilever arms are available in a number of different materials and weight profiles to ensure the racking system can support the load you want to place on it.

Cantilever racking systems are usually used to store long items such as pipes, lumber or rebar. Storing these items on traditional shelving can make it difficult – and even unsafe – to load or unload the items from the shelving. buy adderall online without having any prescription, Cantilever racking systems are ideally suited to storing non-standard sized products.

Below are some of the benefits of using warehouse cantilever racking systems to store non-standard products.

Safe storage of items

You need to ensure that big and awkwardly sized items are stored correctly and safely in your warehouse. The last thing you want is for inadequate shelving to be overloaded and unable to support the weight of the product resulting in a collapse and damage to your inventory. Also, removing non-standard sized items like long pieces of timber or pipes from traditional shelving can be awkward, challenging and unsafe. Using proper warehouse cantilever racking systems will ensure your product is safely stored and reduce the possibility of preventable damage to stock or preventable injury to employees.

Efficient storage

If you use a warehouse cantilever racking system you can keep big and bulky items together. This may free up space elsewhere in your warehouse and allow you to store more frequently picked items or standard sized stock in one spot, buy addreall 10mg online without having to constantly make room among your shelving for the bigger items. Items with a similar SKU can be kept together allowing for more efficient picking of inventory.

The racks can also be customized to suit your specific space meaning you get the most out of your existing warehouse.

Easy access for picking equipment

Warehouse cantilever racking systems do not have a shelf in the traditional sense because the items on a cantilever rack sit on the cantilever arms without anything in between. Since the racks have an “open bottom” forklifts have easy access to items on cantilever racks.

Cantilever racking systems are also designed to allow long items of stock to be picked off the racks by hand more easily as compared to removing or loading stock onto traditional shelving.

Outdoor warehouse shelves with plastic pvc sewer pipes
outdoor warehouse shelves with plastic pvc sewer pipes

Save space

Warehouse cantilever racking systems are also compact, which is great for smaller spaces or for situations where you want to save space. They also let you store more products per square foot as compared to smaller non-bulk racks. This will maximize your storage capacity in your warehouse or storage facility.

Our professional team can help you with product selection and installation so that you get your perfect storage solution. Cantilever racking systems are a great way to store non-standard sized product.