Heavy Duty Metal Shelving

Heavy duty metal wire shelving

Heavy duty metal shelving plays an essential role in storage and fulfillment. It is used to store heavy loads for a range of applications, from warehousing to cold food storage.

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Consider heavy duty metal shelving, whether you require additional shelves to store seasonal items or want a more efficient way to stock small but heavy goods. It is strong, durable, and space-efficient. Shelves are less expensive than pallet racking, and stored products are easy to access and don’t require complex machinery or forklifts.

Benefits of Heavy Duty Metal Shelving

Choosing the right type of shelving can help your business use floor space efficiently.

Heavy duty metal shelving provides several benefits to warehouses and storage facilities, which include:

High load capacities

Load capacity per shelf is one of the most important considerations when purchasing a shelving or rack unit. Overloading a storage shelving unit can cause it to buckle or collapse, leading to damaged goods and potential warehouse accidents. Heavy duty metal shelving is designed to store hefty items.

Heavy duty metal units have much higher load capacities than other types of shelves. Opt for pre-engineered, heavy-gauge steel shelves with enough storage capacity to support all your non-palletized items.


Industrial shelving is versatile in terms of load levels and highly customizable. Add bins, dividers, drawers, and other systems to improve the layout. Many shelving units are built with adjustable shelves, allowing you to accommodate a wide variety of product types according to demand.

Heavy duty shelving is often easier to assemble and reconfigure than pallet racking. It can be assembled on-site using basic equipment. Most shelving units come with straightforward assembly instructions and pre-welded components. Boltless shelving doesn’t require nuts, bolts, or shelf clips for assembly.


Metal shelving must be durable and strong enough to store heavy equipment. The shelves must withstand contact with forklifts, handling equipment, and general wear and tear in a warehouse environment. Steel is also temperature resistant, ensuring it can be used in a range of environments, including cold storage rooms.

However, long-term exposure to extreme temperatures can eventually cause corrosion. If you intend on using metal shelving as a permanent option, choose a finish for resistance against oxidation, such as epoxy.

Improved product visibility

Metal shelving is available in open and closed varieties, allowing you to increase product visibility. Improved product visibility ensures warehouse staff can identify and pick products quickly and easily. Open shelving units are accessible from all sides, allowing you to improve warehouse efficiency.

If you decide on closed shelving systems, your staff won’t have the same level of visibility. However, closed shelves offer better protection for your products. They also limit dust accumulation and damage due to excess debris in industrial storage facilities.


Heavy duty metal shelving is capable of supporting several thousands of pounds of weight. This is extremely important in creating a safe environment for your workers. Ensure that each heavy duty storage shelving unit can secure all items safely.

This can mean protecting electronic goods inside closed shelving units or preventing potential spills or accidents with wire rack shelving. Compared to other storage solutions like bins or baskets, commercial shelving units are safer and more efficient.

Types of Heavy Duty Metal Shelving

A wide range of heavy duty metal shelving is available to businesses, from wall-mounted shelving systems to freestanding shelves. You can find heavy duty shelving in a variety of sizes and styles, depending on the type of products you store, the inventory management system you implement, and the available storage space.

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we stock a range of heavy duty shelving options. Our broad inventory range includes new and used equipment. We also supply accessories and replacement parts, helping you keep your shelving units and storage equipment in good condition. Some of the popular types of shelving we stock:

Heavy Duty Metal Shelving

Industrial steel shelving

Industrial shelving systems have a variety of applications. They are used frequently as large-scale shelving in warehouses and make an excellent garage shelving option if you have heavy equipment, like garden machinery.

We stock multiple industrial shelving options suitable for a variety of storage needs. Our 200A 5-shelf storage units are heavy duty storage shelves built with industrial-strength steel. They are boltless shelves, so they don’t require nuts, bolts, or clips to assemble. Shelf heights adjust on 1 to ½ inch centers, offering versatility in the types and quantities of products you can store.

These units have double rivet beams at the top and bottom, ensuring a rigid and stable storage platform. 200A shelves don’t need crossbars, providing easy access to products from all sides. Choose between laminate or particle board shelving with a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Heavy duty metal wire shelving

Heavy duty wire rack shelving is one of the most versatile metal storage options, making it a popular addition to warehouses, fulfillment centers, and retail environments. The wire gaps promote steady airflow, helping to protect sensitive goods, like food and beverages or even electronics.

You can also find wire shelves with a variety of finishes, ensuring they can be used in demanding environments, including freezer rooms.

Our 4-shelf consumer-grade wire shelving is a durable option for commercial storage spaces, like warehouses or manufacturing plants. The design improves airflow, protecting products from potentially harmful dust buildwire up. Each of the wire shelves adjusts in one-inch increments and can support up to 300 lbs.

This metal wire shelving unit is easy to install. All components come in a single box, so you don’t have to wait for multiple deliveries. buy oxycontin online without having any prescription, Choose between bright chrome or green epoxy finish for these wire rack shelves. Both of these materials display excellent resilience in harsh warehouse environments.

Bulk shelving

Bulk shelving is designed to store high volumes of goods and bulky loads in warehouses and distribution centers. Although bulk shelves aren’t capable of the same storage quantities as pallet racking systems, they are a cost-effective alternative.

They are built using welded frames and beams, providing excellent stability and durability. Bulk shelves are typically completed with wire decking or particle board shelves.

Bulk shelving is a cost-effective solution for large facilities that handle non-palletized items like electronic components. It is usually easy to configure, using minimal tools and equipment. Bulk shelves are designed for manual handling facilities, meaning you don’t require forklifts to access goods.

Our 4-shelf consumer-grade wire shelving come with 5-gauge wire mesh decking as standard. They are an excellent choice for bulky items or heavy goods. Without a bottom shelf, you can store items directly on the floor. Each unit comes with 3-inch step beams, supporting shelving with up to 2,000 lbs. in weight capacity.

Mobile metal shelving

Mobile shelving is a useful option for large facilities or warehouses with cooler rooms. As well as providing you with portable shelving options, mobile units can be used to transport goods around a building. Many mobile carts are resistant to corrosion, making them suitable for temporary and longer-term storage in harsh warehouse environments and cold rooms.

We stock multiple mobile shelving units for several different industries. Our mobile chrome wire shelving is maneuverable and sturdy, sitting on five-inch swivel locking casters. They can be assembled in minutes without any special tools or equipment. Each unit has a total carrying capacity of 600 lbs., evenly distributed across four adjustable shelves.

Our 4-shelf mobile carts are another popular solution for warehouses and busy logistics centers. They are available in open and closed varieties. Each unit has built-in casters, two of which have brakes. This allows you to secure the cart when it’s not in use.

These are heavy duty mobile units, offering a 1,200-pound weight capacity, evenly distributed across all shelves. The posts and shelves are coated in zinc plating, providing extra durability and corrosion resistance.

Upgrade Your Storage Facility With Heavy Duty Metal Shelving

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we can help you find and install suitable shelving units for your facility. Our vast inventory range consists of a wide variety of new and used equipment. Our team is made up of designers, planners, installers, and other storage professionals.

If you need help designing a new storage space or upgrading a facility with high-quality shelving, reach out to our design team. We use state-of-the-art technology to develop designs that meet your facility’s needs. Once you are happy with the design layout, our professional installation crew can ensure all equipment is assembled and installed correctly.

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