How To Maximize Usage of Your Mezzanine

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Your warehouse mezzanine can be a great boost to your operation. These overhead options offer multiple uses to maximize the efficiency of the building you’re in. Steel shelving mezzanine racks allow you to utilize the space surrounding your mezzanine fully.

Mezzanines can double your square footage by taking advantage of the vertical space in your warehouse. They allow you to fully utilize your existing space and save you the funds you would spend on a new building. Mezzanines work with the existing support beams, plumbing, and electrical systems within the building, saving further costs associated with new construction. To maximize usage of your mezzanine, it is important to consider two spaces: the top side and the under carriage.

What Purpose Will Your Mezzanine Serve on Top Side?

The top side of the mezzanine can serve multiple purposes.

  • Work Space
  • Office Space
  • Storage Space

Evaluate your needs and plan accordingly. Do you need work space for repairs, sorting, or packaging? buy oxycodone online Depending on the layout of your building, you may be able to utilize your mezzanine space for shipping and receiving. Consider all options during the evaluation phase.

If you are utilizing your mezzanine for office space, you will need to consider cubicles, square footage per office, and possibly other employee areas including break rooms.

Increasing your storage space through your mezzanine can be done efficiently and successfully through the use of steel shelving mezzanine racks for sale online. These systems will allow you to organize this overhead storage space for maximum usage.

Depending on the usage of your mezzanine, you also need to consider construction materials and safety measures. Flooring can be corrugated steel, bar grating, or concrete deck. Safety measures include guard railing and access stairs. These measures will vary based on the construction and usage of your mezzanine.

What Is Underneath Your Mezzanine?

Mezzanine platforms are free-standing platforms that can be secured to the floor, ceiling, or walls of your warehouse. The underside of the mezzanine is typically open, providing free space to be used as needed.

This underside space should not be overlooked. Fully utilize it by installing shelving, office, or work space to meet your company needs. If you are maximizing the space under your mezzanine as storage space, consider vertical shelving or automated shelving units. Vertical shelving allows you to take advantage of your whole warehouse cube, storing product from the ground up.

Automated shelving is ideal for small, easy to handle products that can be stored compactly. These unite use 50% less floor space than your typical storage shelves because there is no need for aisles. The shelving units move along tracks in the flooring to provide access to products as needed.

Outfitting Your Mezzanine Storage Space

If you want to maximize the usage of your warehouse mezzanine, take the time to evaluate what you do with it currently and the best way to reorganize the space.

Consider working with a professional shelving and racking company. These shelving experts can help you properly evaluate your space to get the most out of your warehouse square footage.

Companies like Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., provide you with quality products online, and they offer a help desk to answer all of your questions.

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