Organizing Your Inventory with Cantilever Racks

Cantilever Racks

Creating an efficient warehouse operation often comes down to how well you can store and pick your inventory. However, some items cannot be organized into standard pallet racking systems. While many warehouses opt to store these items on the floor, this can present a serious hazard to employees and also reduce the overall efficiency of the warehouse. Cantilever racks offer a simple alternative to storing bulky and non-uniform items in your warehouse.

What Are Cantilever Racks?

Cantilever racks are an upright storage solution that features a heavy mounted base along the floor which supports two vertical braces. These braces support several arms which hold your inventory.

Types of Inventory Suited to Cantilever Racks

The types of inventory that are best suited to cantilever racks include long items such as lumber, piping, rolls of textiles and carpets, as well as bulky items such as large automotive parts, couches, armchairs and other furniture.

Benefits of Cantilever Racks

There are many benefits to installing cantilever racks in your warehouse, including boosting your productivity and the overall efficiency of your operation.


Storing bulky items on the floor of the warehouse leaves them at risk of damage and does not allow picking equipment adequate access to the inventory without re-warehousing items.

Cantilever racks can be configured into single and double rows which are readily accessible from both sides. The bottom set of arms is raised off the ground to allow forklifts easy access for picking, and the open structure of the rows make cantilever racks accessible to all types of picking equipment including cranes and automated lifts.

Organizing your inventory in cantilever racks also frees up floor space and allows ample aisle space for efficient handling.


The types of inventory suited to cantilever racking are typically long or non-uniform in shape, which means that your storage system needs to be able to accommodate items of differing sizes and lengths.

Cantilever racks are customizable to the needs of your warehouse. The arms of the system come in various styles including straight, slightly inclined arms, straight arms with a lip to prevent items from rolling off and inclined arms which use gravity to keep large items secure.

The arms can also be adjusted up and down the brace according to the dimensions of the items you need to store. This also allows you to store multiple items in the same unit without reducing access.

Cantilever racking systems can also be installed with a varying number of arms so that you can store similar items of different lengths together.


Cantilever racking systems are the best way to optimize the space you have when storing bulky and non-uniform inventory. By keeping the inventory up off the ground, you maximize your floor and aisle space allowing for more efficient loading, picking and handling.

Cantilever racks can also extend the entire height of your warehouse so you can maximize the vertical space you already have. This is a cost-effective alternative to expanding your warehouse space.


Cantilever racks are constructed from durable steel designed to protect your inventory and withstand damage from picking equipment. Our galvanized cantilever racks are also resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for storing metal piping and automotive parts. While our all-welded system features continuous steel welding throughout for added support and stability, ideal for heavier inventory.

Galvanized cantilever racks

Final Thoughts

Boost the productivity and efficiency of your warehouse with a cantilever racking system. Contact Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. today at (800)-589-7225 (RACK) to talk with our sales team about which type of cantilever racks are best suited to your warehouse.