Reasons You Need Wire Rack Shelving in Your Home

Wire Rack Shelving

High-quality wire rack shelving is not only a storage solution for warehouses and businesses. As a private homeowner or renter, you can benefit from this type of shelving’s many advantages. Shelving systems maximize your space, regardless of where you live or what you do, while offering increased versatility over more traditional storage options.

Increased Accessibility

One of the biggest advantages of wire rack shelving for the homeowner is accessibility. As all four sides of the shelving unit are open, you can access any part of the shelving system at any time.

For storing food, pots and pans, and other utensils, a wire-rack shelving unit is an excellent addition to your kitchen. The design also promotes air circulation, keeping food items fresh longer.

Wire rack shelving is also easy to clean and stops dust from accumulating. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth or apply your favorite cleaning product.

Increased access also means better visibility. You’re always able to see what you have and what you need.

Corrosion Resistance

If you need a storage solution for a humid environment, such as your garage in the middle of summer or the kitchen, you need a shelving system that won’t rust or corrode. Wire shelving made from stainless steel that is then chrome-plated or coated with a green epoxy or black powder coat is inherently resistant to corrosion, ensuring that your shelves last for years.

Durable Compared to Wood

Unlike shelving systems made from wood, wire shelving is tough. Wire shelving won’t crack, become dented or scratched, or deteriorate due to humidity or temperature extremes. Furthermore, while wooden furniture and shelving can suffer rot, wire shelving made from steel experience no such risk.

Rather than having to maintain or refinish a wooden shelving unit, all you may have to do with chrome-plated steel is periodically wipe it to restore that luster.

Better for Books

If you have a collection of books that you’d like to store, you should be aware that wood is naturally acidic, which can damage paper. Furthermore, wooden bookshelves can sag under the weight of your collection. Steel wire shelving is neither acidic nor alkaline, allowing you to preserve your collection for years while keeping it on display. These shelving units also have a higher weight capacity to support the most extensive library.

Modern Style

A wire shelving unit has an industrial or modern and minimalist style that has become increasingly popular. If the rustic or traditional approach to furniture doesn’t appeal to you, the chrome and stainless design can fit beautifully with the decor of a modern, sleek apartment or house. It also complements stainless-steel home appliances, such as refrigerators, toasters, and ovens. 

For the Bathroom

If you need a shelving solution for the bathroom that doesn’t take up too much space, wire shelving can prove an excellent choice. Use wire shelving to store hand and bath towels, bar soap, shampoo, and other essentials. Powder-coated stainless steel ensures that you don’t need to worry about water damage or rust.

Stationary or Mobile

Mobile Wire Shelving Casters

Sometimes your needs change at home the same way that they do in a factory or warehouse. If that happens, a mobile shelving system can help you relocate your storage as needed. If you expect your shelving unit to remain in one place permanently and prefer the increased rigidity, choose a stationary unit. However, if you foresee the need for mobility in the future, you can also choose a shelving unit with casters.

Choose Wire Shelving for Versatile Home Storage

Wire rack shelving is a cost-effective, durable, and minimalist storage solution suitable for the homeowner, the restaurateur, and the warehouse manager alike.

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we offer several shelving solutions to accommodate every requirement, whether business or personal. Give us a call at (800) 589-7225, and we can help you select the shelving system that’s right for your home.