Make the Most of Storage Shelves with Shelving and Rack Systems

Storage Rack Systems

The variety of storage shelving and racking options can seem overwhelming when seeking a solution for your storage needs. There are substantial options such as pallet racking systems, and smaller shelving units that are more suitable for hand-picked items.

Most warehouses utilize a combination of shelving and racking systems to accommodate a range of stored goods. Effective use of the different options can significantly streamline your operation, provide a straightforward organizational system for your staff to locate products, and increase profitability.

Before investing in storage solutions, it’s crucial to know the advantages and limitations of each one.

Pallet Racking Systems

When you need to store heavier or larger merchandise, heavy-duty pallet storage racks are an excellent option. You can choose several types depending on your available floor space, workflow requirements, and budget.

Selective Pallet Racking

Selective racking gets its name from its ability to offer access to any pallet without moving any others. It is an excellent choice if staff continually store or retrieve inventory because they have rapid access to all the pallets.

Double-deep Pallet Racking

To create double-deep racking, you can place one selective rack unit behind another. This method doubles your storage area without taking up a large amount of floor space. If you use a single-aisle system, then the forklift driver needs to move the front pallet to access the rear one.

Push Back Racking

With push back racking, the forklift operator can place between 2-6 pallets in the same row. Each time they put a pallet on the rack, they push back the previous one until the row is full.

When they are unloading a pallet, incline rails, and gravity gently ease the next pallet towards the front. Known as a First-In-Last-Off (FILO) system, it is a high-density storage solution.

Pallet-flow Racking

Bringing a First-In-First-Off (FIFO) system to material handling, pallet flow racks transport a pallet from the rear of the rack to the front, using inclined rails. This method can improve workflow by sending goods to the location where unloading staff can move them to the next point in their journey.

Drive-in/Drive-thru Racking

Another high-density storage solution is drive in drive through racking, which allows a forklift operator to drive their vehicle in between the uprights. This technique can be efficient when you need rapid access to pallets for order fulfillment.

Shelving Storage Systems

Shelving Storage Systems

Employees often need quick access to smaller items when making up a delivery or when moving stock quickly from one part of your operation to another. There are a wide variety of warehouse shelving units that can meet most needs.

Wire Shelving Racks

Suitable for most light-to-medium sized goods, wire racks are relatively inexpensive and don’t have a large surface area so they are less likely to rust, and they are easy to assemble. They are common in the food industry because the wire gaps make it harder for bacteria to gather and grow.

Rivet Shelving Racks

These systems use teardrop style slots on the uprights, and rivets on the shelving to connect. They are one of the most robust industrial shelving units available and are suitable for heavy items.

You can attach them to fixings that are suitable for wall-mounting for extra stability. They have a modular design so you can add sections if you need more storage space.

Steel Shelving Racks

Steel shelving is suitable for storing cartons or cases and allows staff fast access to goods. You can use modern clip designs for attaching shelves rather than the outdated nut and bolt method. They are cost-effective, and you can assemble a unit in a matter of minutes.

The Takeaway

Warehouse storage requirements depend on your unique specifications. The goods you handle, the available floor space, and the required workflow process to ensure the right products are available when needed, mean that some units could be more suitable than others.

Usually, it takes a combination of shelving and rack systems to meet all the warehouse operations requirements and ensure you maximize your bottom line. For more information or to request a quote contact one of our sales professionals at Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc at (800) 589-7225.