Things About Boltless Shelving System You Should Know Before Buying

Buying Boltless Shelving System

Boltless shelving is a form of industrial storage configured without nuts or bolts. This type of shelving is designed for easy assembly. You can adjust and reconfigure boltless shelving quickly and easily, making it a versatile option for any warehouse or storage space. Key advantages of boltless units include their versatility, stability, and durability.

What is Boltless Shelving?

There are several types of boltless shelving. Depending on the shelf deck material, vertical posts, horizontal beams, capacity requirements, and structural integrity, a boltless storage unit may have a different weight capacity.

Although heavy-duty rivet shelving is often found in auto shops to store bulky items, it is also popular in home garages for general storage purposes.

If you need industrial shelving for a manufacturing plant or a lightweight steel shelving unit for your garage, get in touch with Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. We stock new and used boltless steel shelving and high-quality accessories and components.

Our digital catalog contains a wide variety of storage equipment. You can find chemical-resistant particle board units for a pharmaceutical plant or heavy-duty posts for your warehouse.

What is Boltless Shelving Used For?

You can use boltless shelving solutions to store a range of items in a variety of sizes. Although this versatile heavy-duty racking can be used for any type of storage, it is primarily used in warehouses and factories.

A significant challenge for warehouse managers is finding the best way to store items efficiently. Since boltless shelving is fully customizable, you can find a configuration that fits the specific layout of your facility. Whether it’s light-duty boltless shelving units or large, boltless shelving (bulk) with increased vertical space, you can make your shelving unit meet your needs.

Choosing the Right Boltless Shelving

Particle board decking and standard channel beams are practical choices for basic storage. They are lightweight, durable, and low cost, making them economical.

Automotive parts storage units typically have more heavy-duty beams and upright posts to support engines, tires, and bulky engine parts. The solid steel adjustable shelves typically have greater carrying capacity and stand up to more wear and tear than other materials.

Calculating the shelf capacities is essential when choosing boltless shelving for automotive applications.

We stock various decking materials, including those for boltless steel shelving units. Our Hallowell decking is available in particle board and galvanized steel. It is designed for use on double rivet units. It is industrial-grade, making it suitable for factories and manufacturing facilities.

If you’re constructing brand new shelving from scratch, consider our 200A starter unit. These are low-profile boltless shelving units made from industrial-strength steel. They feature double rivet angle beams at the top and bottom of the structure, giving them stability without the need for awkward crossbars. The Jaken 200A range has a decking capacity of between 150 and 300 lbs.

Advantages of Boltless Shelving

There are several advantages to installing rivet shelving units in your warehouse, including:

Ease of assembly

In most cases, no special tools are needed to assemble a boltless storage shelf apart from a rubber mallet. Rivet shelving has keyhole slots, interlocking rivets, and shelf beams that slide into place, saving time during assembly. There is no need for cross bracing. Instead, standard units can be supported using anchors, floor bolts, or optional center supports.

Our boltless shelving range includes boltless steel shelving units prepackaged for sale. These reinforced, 12 gauge steel shelves require no assembly time. The five-shelf standard metal shelving units have a 2,000 lbs. weight capacity per shelf. They are capable of storing heavier items like machinery or tools.

For high-density storage, consider our Edsal 5-tier adjustable metal shelving unit. This heavy-duty solid steel decking boltless shelving is constructed from 16 gauge steel. It has five rows of shelving that can be adjusted on 1-½” centers and at 1-½” height increments.

The maximum shelf capacity is 1,500 lbs. per row, ensuring it can hold heavy-duty items like dies, jigs, or machine fixtures.

Heavy-duty storage

Long-span, heavy-duty boltless shelving is capable of storing large and bulky items. These units feature sturdy steel posts, heavy decking, and industrial-grade angle posts and components, providing long-term structural integrity.

For heavy-duty use, Jaken 200B bulk storage shelving is a reliable option. The capacity per shelf ranges between 500 and 1,100 lbs. The boltless design ensures straightforward assembly without nuts. The 200B range doesn’t require cross braces, allowing access from all four sides of the unit. The shelves are adjustable on 1-½” centers if certain products need more space.

Boltless shelving

Adjustable and customizable

Another advantage of boltless shelving is that it is highly adjustable and customizable. There are many configurations, from compact shelving units and storage racks with particle board shelves to light-duty and medium-duty shelving units. Most rivet units have different shelf levels, decking materials, standard heights, and adjustable heights, so you can customize the space between shelf levels.

The beam capacity, loading capacity per shelf, and type of shelving system must provide sufficient support for the items you need to store. Ensure that the maximum capacity of the unit offers protection from deck sag. Stacking shelves beyond their weight capacity can lead to overloading. This can cause a rack to collapse dangerously, damaging your goods or injuring a warehouse employee.

Shelf space is the most critical consideration when configuring boltless shelves for light items. However, the vertical clearance between shelves, unit depth, and the weight capacity per level is vital when shelving is for unwieldy items. You may also require an anchor bolt to help secure your adjustable storage rack.

If you’re looking for medium-duty boltless metal shelving units, our beaded post shelves are an excellent choice. These industrial clip shelving units are available in open and closed configurations. They are built with beaded posts on the front corners and standard angle posts on the back corners.

Each level has a 1-½” shelf adjustment. Our beaded post shelves come in four standard sizes, with shelf capacities of up to 850 lbs. They are tier adjustable shelving, meaning the shelves can be rapidly repositioned at 1-½” increments. Beaded shelves can work as a bulky shelving unit or a more tightly configured high-density shelving option.

We also provide the add-on units to complete the installation, such as:

  • Additional rivet beams
  • Upright post
  • Angle posts
  • Step beams
  • Shelf supports
  • Beaded posts
  • Tee post
  • Horizontal supports
  • Foot plates
  • Anchor bolts
  • Angle sway braces
  • Diagonal sway braces


Many of our boltless shelving solutions are made from high-quality steel, giving them excellent durability. Several of our steel shelves can support up to 2,000 lbs. for maximum space utilization. Due to its durability, rivet shelving is a popular commercial storage rack. It offers good shelf depth and storage capacity while taking up minimal space in warehouses.

Our 84” high, pre-engineered bulk storage racks are incredibly versatile. They are designed for hand-loading intermediate-level bulky items. However, they can also be used as garage shelving units, makeshift tire racks, or a tailpipe rack. The pre-engineered boltless rack is made from heavy-duty 14 gauge steel.

Our bulk storage racks can be fitted with steel gauge shelves, particle board shelves, or flat wire decking as customizable units. We sell these decks separately, allowing you to choose the size, depth dimension, and weight capacity.

Our white laminated board is a smooth, moisture-resistant shelving option for a storage facility or retail store. The ¾” standard depth board is available in a range of sizes and may be used in conjunction with particle board.

We also provide particle board add-on kits for shelving frames. Each piece is precut to ⅝”, making it an industrial add-on unit for smaller items or cartons of lightweight homogenous goods.

Our most durable, deep units for heavy-duty storage are the all-welded steel rack decks. Crafted from 14 gauge steel, these shelves are further protected with a powder coat. There’s a 1-½” waterfall along the front and back edges, giving them a smooth edge. When matched with the right pair of angle posts, these shelves can support up to 3,000 lbs.

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