Things You Need to Know Before Buying Used Pallet Rack

Used Pallet Racks

Buying used warehouse equipment, such as pallet racks and shelving, is an effective strategy for saving money and reducing warehouse costs. New racking systems are an expensive investment, particularly if downsizing or operating under a tight budget.

However, buying second-hand pallet racks has its risks. To reduce the probability of purchasing used racking that is potentially unsafe, here are some things you need to know.

Was the Pallet Rack Previously Damaged?

Never buy a used pallet rack without seeing it first. Take the time to inspect the rack and look for signs of damage and wear and tear. Pay close attention to the structural components, such as the frames, uprights, beams, and baseplates.

If you’re unsure, ask the supplier if the rack has been damaged previously, what repairs it had, and whether the structural integrity of the rack was compromised. Ask if the rack manufacturer guarantee is still valid.

The Load Capacity of the Pallet Rack System

The load capacity of pallet racks is important for safety and efficiency. Calculate the weight and find the measurements of the pallets and materials you store. Consult with your rack provider to determine if the used racking has enough load capacity for your needs.

Ensure the pallet rack meets industry standards and doesn’t contain loose components, badly welded beams, damaged planks, or rusted parts.

Have the Pallet Racks Been Refurbished?

Used pallet racks are often refurbished, restoring them to excellent working condition. Consider buying refurbished equipment for peace of mind regarding the condition, safety, and load capacity of a used system.

Is the Pallet Rack System the Right Fit for Your Warehouse?

If it isn’t a good fit, there is no point in purchasing a discounted used pallet rack system for your warehouse. Doing so will lead to inefficiencies that reduce profitability.

It’s important to consider factors such as the square footage of the warehouse, forklift access, aisle width, picking strategies, product type, workflow, and storage utilization.

Used Pallet Rack Shelving

How to Choose the Right Used Pallet Rack

When purchasing used pallet racks, one of the most important factors is sourcing the equipment from a reliable vendor. At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we offer great deals on new and used racks, ensuring you can find the right system for your needs and budget.

We are not just a shelving and racking supplier. We provide turnkey services to help you with the layout design and planning, equipment procurement, delivery, assembly, and installation, and offer further assistance regarding warehouse operations and material handling advice.

Some of the quality used pallet racking we stock includes:

Cantilever Racks

We provide a range of new and used cantilever racks for storing furniture, piping, lumber, steel sheets, and other cumbersome items. We stock all-welded racks, Series 1000 medium-duty racks, Series 2000 medium to heavy-duty racks, and more.

Bulk Racks

We sell racks and accessories for bulk storage, including 72” and 84” pre-engineered storage racks for bulky items or carton merchandise. These racks are available with solid, flat wire or particle board decking.

Rivet Rack Starters and Add-On Shelving

Our rivet racks can be used as stand-alone storage or as additional racking at the end of an aisle. They are easy to assemble and adjust, making them ideal temporary storage solutions.

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