Wire Partitions & Cage Applications

Metal Wire cages

Storage facilities use robust equipment to house merchandise safely and securely, minimizing the risk of workplace accidents. While heavy-duty pallet racks and shelving units provide easy and safe access to stored goods, they are not always enough to protect staff and inventory.

Wire mesh panels and security cages are versatile pieces of storage equipment. Wire partition panels can be erected virtually anywhere in a facility, creating dedicated storage space or high-security protective barriers. Wire mesh cages provide secure storage for tools, dangerous machinery, and hazardous chemicals. Many wire mesh cages have built-in casters and can be used to transport goods around a facility.

Wire Mesh Partition Panels

Wire panels are modular storage and security systems. They are mainly used in manufacturing plants or warehouses that handle dangerous or hazardous equipment. However, they have a wide range of applications. They can be formed into tool cribs, wire mesh storage lockers, maintenance rooms, storage areas for dangerous machinery, and several other types of wire enclosures.

Although you can purchase standard partition systems, many warehouse managers buy individual steel wire mesh panels to create custom units. Their modular design ensures they can be configured for a range of spaces, whether you have a large manufacturing facility or a compact fulfillment center.

Panels typically consist of welded wire mesh that connects to heavy-duty posts, which are then secured to the ground by floor anchors. The functional design ensures they can be fitted with various lock options, ceiling panels, and a selection of doors.

Wire Cages

Wire cages are essentially enclosed storage units created from a selection of individual panels and doors. They come in boxes or pre-assembled, depending on the manufacturer. Like partitions, wire cages have a wide array of applications. They can be used as:

  • Storage applications or for additional storage space
  • Barrier protection for heavy machinery
  • High-security applications to safeguard valuable tools or expensive equipment
  • Server cages for valuable servers and IT equipment
  • Hazardous material storage

The slotted holes and wire gaps ensure unobstructed views of inventory. They also facilitate air circulation, preventing dust and moisture accumulation. Many wire cages have a bright yellow paint finish, helping forklift operators avoid accidental collisions.

Advantages of Using Wire Partitions and Cages

While there are a variety of wire mesh partitions and cages available to warehouse managers, they share several benefits:


Many partitions and cages are constructed from 10-gauge wire for maximum durability. Wire mesh security cages help your facility meet security requirements, keeping inventory or machinery separated from high-traffic areas. Many of these secure storage systems feature all-steel construction, ensuring they can meet the demands of everyday industrial use.

Opting for superior quality materials helps ensure your equipment maintains its structural integrity in the long term. Some wire mesh systems are built by police to make secure enclosures as temporary holding cells.


Innovative wire partitions and metal wire cages can solve a range of security needs, from protecting storage racks to restricting access to hardware. Panel doors are available in various styles according to your security needs. Some common door types include:

  • Hinged doors
  • Double-hinged doors
  • Self-closing and self-locking doors (for high-security applications)
  • Vertical rise doors

Most doors can be fitted with a key lock, integrated cylinder locks, access-controlled locks, and even card readers. Tamper-proof hardware or 5-button access locks restrict unauthorized access to certain areas. You can provide truck drivers, management, and experienced staff with the passcode, improving warehouse security.


Standard partition systems consist of a standard panel set, square posts, base plates, and an angle frame. While these systems can adapt to various facilities, sometimes custom sizes are needed.

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. provides different-sized panels, individual components, and assembly hardware if you require a custom configuration. This allows you to build systems for your precise needs.

Rolling wire carts


Wire mesh panel sizes can vary. However, they are typically thin, measuring between 2.5 mm and 5 mm, ensuring they can be relocated if necessary. They may also be erected in virtually any location so you can use all available space.


Visibility is key to warehouse safety. Wire panels promote air circulation and allow light circulation, ensuring products can be identified quickly and easily. This helps with monitoring stock levels and increases product picking speed.

Types of Wire Partitions and Cages

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we stock a wide variety of wire partitions and cages. Our comprehensive selection includes custom and standard options in various colors and popular sizes.

Multi-sided trucks

Our three-sided wire security cages are built from 12 gauge steel and can support up to 3,600 lbs. of inventory. The angle frame design features iron corners, providing stability and durability in harsh warehouse environments.

A key benefit of these metal wire cages is mobility. Each unit is mounted on non-marking polyurethane casters: two fixed and two swivel. This gives the warehouse operator complete control over the unit in tight spaces. Despite the simple design, these cages are excellent additions to a busy fulfillment center where goods must be transported to and from loading bays.

Rolling wire carts

Our rolling wire carts are another mobile option designed for lighter-duty use. The electro zinc-plated frame sits on a heavy-duty steel base, offering durability and strength in industrial facilities.

These carts roll on polyurethane casters which are bolted to the base. We stock optional shelves if you require multi-level storage.

Door wire mesh partitions

We supply several types of wire partitions with built-in doors. These are for high-security applications, like protecting expensive pieces of equipment or hazardous materials.

We provide standard partition doors equipped with left-sided hinges. Our dutch style door partitions are useful for maintenance rooms and tool storage areas. Consider our sliding door partitions if you require a slightly wider opening area.

Welded security gates

Welded wire partitions are great for creating isolated storage areas or security cages without impeding visibility or restricting air circulation. Our E-Series welded wire partitions are easy to install, requiring very little assembly hardware.

The wire mesh is durable but lightweight, ensuring you can relocate an entire unit if necessary. Its durability also allows you to cut holes in the panels for pipes or security installations without the risk of wire unraveling. The E-Series is one of the most cost-effective storage and security systems we stock.

Woven wire mesh partitions

Woven wire partitions are manufactured from rugged steel. They provide an affordable way to create secure storage areas or tool rooms. The wire mesh is constructed from 10-gauge steel, which attaches to a thick structural channel frame. Each panel is coated with high-gloss gray enamel paint for a smooth and long-lasting finish.

These units are available with sliding or single-hinge doors in various heights and widths. Although they require assembly and installation, all the bolts, nuts, clips, and floor lags are included.

Wire Mesh Partitions for Every Application!

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We also provide a range of warehouse services. If you need help planning or designing a facility, our experienced design team can provide the information you need. Our factory-trained installation crews are available to assemble and install your equipment safely and correctly.

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