Things About Boltless Shelving You Should Know Before Buying

Boltless shelving systems offer many advantages for material handling and storage in any warehousing facility. Discover how boltless shelving can help you organize your inventory safely and with ease.

No Bolts, No Problems

Boltless shelving systems (also known as rivet shelving) are a popular storage solution, used anywhere from residential garages to medium-sized commercial distribution centers, archive rooms, pharmacies, and many other facilities.

The keyword to remember with boltless shelving is versatility. This type of shelving system can help you organize all kinds of products.

Not only are they ideal if you need a place for your storage bins for loose parts and elements, but they’re also suitable for shelving small to medium boxed and crated products.

Easy Assembly

As the name suggests, boltless shelving units do not employ bolts or nuts to fasten shelves to the shelving frame. Instead, the frame features perforated posts and connecting rails, allowing you to slot in your shelf decks at any desired height.

This design makes boltless shelving highly customizable. As long as your shelving features buttons of the right size to slot into your posts, you can install just about any decking you want.

Boltless Shelving System

Types of Boltless Shelving Solutions

Most boltless shelving solutions fall into two categories: Regular and Long-span.

Single-Rivet Boltless Shelving

Single-rivet boltless shelving systems are simpler and lighter, best used to store low to medium-weight products. They typically feature wood, particle-board, or aluminum decking.

Single-rivet units feature thin beams and up to 48” of width, maximizing accessibility and visibility. Despite their lightweight appearance, the beams are typically made of cold-rolled sheet steel, providing adequate structural integrity for all light and medium-duty applications.

You will usually find this shelving system type in archive rooms, small postal and package distribution centers. You can sometimes find this type of shelving system in residential garages used by private individuals to sort tools and parts.

Long-Span Boltless Shelving

This type of shelving system is also known as double-rivet. The term “long-span” refers to the heavy-duty nature of these boltless shelving systems, capable of accepting longer and heavier objects (up to 96” wide).

They often feature more robust steel shelving posts and heavier decking, providing excellent structural integrity. However, the added strength comes at the expense of somewhat limited accessibility compared to a single-rivet unit.

You can typically find long-span shelving in supply rooms, larger distribution centers, and many other warehousing facilities. They are frequently used to complement traditional industrial shelving solutions, such as pallet racking systems.

Costs of Boltless Shelving Solutions

Another advantage of boltless shelving systems is their cost-effectiveness. They are an excellent choice if you need versatile storage without breaking the bank.

The cost of a typical starter single-rivet boltless shelving system with included fiberboard decking varies depending on the dimensions and number of decks. 

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