What is a Warehouse Mezzanine and What Are the Benefits?

A mezzanine offers a solution to the three biggest challenges facing a warehouse: time, space and money. How can a mezzanine system custom built for the needs of your improve the success of your operation?

What is a Mezzanine System?

A mezzanine is the best way to optimize your current warehouse floor by allowing you to utilize wasted vertical space for added storage or work areas. A mezzanine consists of a platform that is installed between the floor and the ceiling allowing you to increase your overall square footage by using the space on top of the platform and the area underneath.

Types of Mezzanine

Mezzanines can be custom-built for your facility to accommodate your storage and materials handling needs. There are a variety of basic styles of mezzanine systems to suit the specific requirements of your warehouse or distribution system.

Free Standing Platform

The most common type of mezzanine seen in industrial settings is a free-standing platform. They offer the most flexible style of expansion which can allow you to use the space for a wide variety of applications from additional light storage to relocating employee workspaces.

Rack Supported Mezzanine

A rack supported mezzanine is a more affordable option than a free-standing system as it uses your current pallet racking as the structural foundation for the platform. However, before installing this style of the mezzanine, ensure your racking system can safely support the additional weight.

Shelf Supported Mezzanine

Shelf supported mezzanines are another way to reduce the need for free-standing columns. Mezzanine platforms sit on top of your current shelving installation proving the ideal space for an observation deck, office, or storage. If you plan on using the mezzanine to support a second level of shelving, metal grate flooring for better fire safety and air circulation. You may also need to add additional structural support depending on the proposed storage load.

How Your Warehouse Can Benefit From Installing a Mezzanine

While there are many ways you can optimize your warehouse space and improve the efficiency of your operation, mezzanine systems offer some unique benefits that may give your warehouse a competitive edge.

Cost-Effective Expansion

One of the biggest challenges facing warehouses is outgrowing your current premises. Maintaining the chain of supply and demand means having adequate storage, but as your business grows, so do your storage needs. Mezzanines allow you to expand your storage and workspace without moving to a different facility or expensive construction and remodeling.

Efficient Inventory Management

Optimizing your storage space is one of the keys to a successful warehouse operation. Mezzanines allow you to make the most of the vertical areas in your facility to increase storage space.

With a mezzanine system, you can create multi-level storage with catwalk platforms to increase your overall inventory capacity. Or, you can move all employee workspaces to the mezzanine level to create more floor space for shelving and racking.

Improve Warehouse Safety

Protecting your employees should be a warehouse manager’s top priority and mezzanines offer you the opportunity to improve the safety of your warehouse.

Combined handling and storage spaces pose potential safety risks to warehouse employees. Mezzanines allow you to separate employees from potentially dangerous equipment and machinery. Equipment platforms are specially designed and reinforced to accommodate the specific load and features of heavy machinery.

Mezzanine platform flooring comes in a variety of materials from wire decking to metal grates to wood. Choosing the right platform can increase the safety of your facility by allowing better accessibility to the fire suppression system and offering increased visibility for supervisors to monitor warehouse activity.

Possible Tax Benefits

One overlooked benefit of using a mezzanine rather than expanding your facility are potential tax benefits. Freestanding mezzanines that can be dismantled may be considered equipment rather than property in many states meaning that you can save money on property taxes for your warehouse. Depending on your state’s property taxation laws, this can translate into significant savings over the course of the year for many facilities.

The Takeaway

If you are considering expanding your warehouse operation, a mezzanine system offers a cost-effective way to increase your current storage space. Find out about our custom designed mezzanine levels by calling our experienced design team at Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. at (855)-358-7591 for a consultation and to request a quote.