Wire Partitions & Cage Applications

The safety and security of employees and inventory should be one of the highest priorities for a successful business. Wire partitions and cages are the ideal storage solution for creating a safe work environment that still allows for visible monitoring of inventory and equipment. Read on to learn more about how wire partitions can be incorporated with your wire shelving system to enhance security in your facility.

What are Wire Partitions?

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc, our wire partitions are part of a modular system that can be customized to suit your security needs across a range of applications. Each panel of wire mesh is welded to a solid metal frame which is then connected to upright posts attached to the ground or wall using anchors.

Our wire mesh comes in a variety of strengths and weaves, including:

  • 840 woven wire mesh is the standard size mesh used for most applications. It features a 10-gauge rectangular mesh with a mesh opening of 2-inches x 1-inch.
  • 6-gauge woven mesh features a 2 x 2-inch opening and is typically used for shipping applications.
  • 10-gauge wire mesh with ¾-inch openings is best suited to applications such as pharmaceutical dispensaries and narcotics storage as the smaller gauge still provides high-visibility but will not allow small pill bottle to pass through the link.
  • 12-gauge mesh is the smallest weave available and features a ½-inch square opening. This style of partition is typically used for financial applications to prevent small coins from being passed through the mesh, or for machine safety barriers to prevent loose parts or debris from causing injury.

Types of Locks

To enhance the security of your wire partitions and cages, Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc offers a range of locks that can be easily adapted to your cage doors.

Standard Cylinder Lock

The cylinder lock comes as standard with all types of locking wire partition doors. It is accessible from the front via key and can be opened from the inside with a manual thumb latch.

The wire mesh surrounding the lock panel is too small for a hand to pass through preventing anyone from turning the lock without a key. The standard cylinder lock is the ideal security option for your cage doors if employees require regular access to the contents stored inside.

Keypad Lock

Keypad locks are best suited to companies that need to monitor who goes in and out of secured areas but still, require regular access. Each person authorized to use the partitioned area is designated a numeric code that must be entered for access or keycard that must be swiped across the card reader.

A card reader lock can be a more cost-effective way for companies to manage security as there is no need to replace keys or locks if the numeric code is lost or forgotten.

There are various keyless options available including the 10-digit keypad, 5-button coded lock, Adams Rite eForce keyless lock and the coded card reader.

Biometric Lock

For the ultimate is secure wire partitions and cages for your facility, use biometric locks. Biometric locks are calibrated to respond to the precise contours of the finger or thumb print of authorized personnel. Following the fingerprint scan, the employee may also need to enter a numeric code for an added level of security.

Electric Locks

Electric locks are types of mechanisms that allow the doors of wire cage to open and close when triggered by an electrical device connected to the lock. These types of locks are available on hinged doors only.

Magnetic Locks

The second type of mechanism that locking doors use are magnetic locks which are activated by an electrical device. Magnetic locks are available on sliding doors only.

Applications for Wire Partitions and Cages


Warehouses may need to control access between storage and office areas to prevent unauthorized access of sensitive products or information. Wire partitions help to create discreet, secure areas inside a warehouse facility without limiting visibility.

Partitions can be installed wall to wall the length of your facility using clip kits or fully welded panels depending on the level of flexibility you need. The length can then be divided to separate the areas as necessary to create offices or storage rooms.

Financial Centers

Banks, casinos, and other financial centers dealing with large sums of cash daily can use wire partitions and cages to securely house cash and other valuables to prevent theft and to protect employees and servers against injury.

Not only can wire cages prevent the theft of valuables, but they can also protect sensitive records to reduce identity theft. Financial centers are increasingly being asked to store confidential client personal records for extended periods. Places such as mortgage and loan offices and insurance agencies accumulate a significant amount of paper records, such as deeds and applications, which need to be housed securely.

Wire partitions can be customized to suit the storage needs of your space with additional panels and partitions able to be added at any time so your records storage can grow as your business grows.


Traditional office buildings and walled-in enclosures prevent adequate air circulation, putting heat and dust sensitive electronic equipment at risk of damage. Wire partitions can be used to created secure enclosures for servers, computer, and other digital equipment protecting your client’s data and digital access.

Wire partitions can be assembled and disassembled with ease to create a secure room for your digital equipment in a fraction of the time that it takes for a conventional dry wall office wall to go up. Wire partitions also allow for proper ventilation and access for fire suppression systems, as well as offering a cleaner and more modern looking space for your digital assets.

High-end Retail

Retail stores that stock expensive or sensitive products such as jewelry stores can benefit from installing wire cages store inventory. The wire partitions can be installed perpendicular to walls or current storage units to limit access to stock to authorized personnel only.

The secure storage unit can also be equipped with biometric locks that respond only to the finger or thumb prints of authorized personnel, who also may then have to type an input code depending on the level of security you require.

For added security, stores can install wire security cages around entry and exit doors which are equipped with alarm systems to prevent theft.

Pharmaceutical Dispensaries and Narcotics Storage

Many medical applications require by law high security storage for their products.

Narcotics and pharmaceuticals have strict standards when it comes to storage and security. According to the DEA, any pharmaceutical class III, IV or V drugs must be secured on premises inside a cage that features an alarm system, and self-closing and self-locking doors. DEA compliant wire cages and partitions need to be mounted in concrete, flush to the floor of the facility and reach to the roof, or have a roof constructed of the same wire mesh material.

At Shelving + Rack System, Inc, our JESCO wire partitions and cages are fully DEA compliant with modular panels constructed of 10-guage wire mesh that can be assembled to almost any height you need. The cages are available with a range of secure air-operated self-locking doors and dispensary windows which allow conveyor access to more efficiently transport sensitive substances directly to storage. The doors can be equipped with 10-digit keypad or a card reader for authorized access only.

Firearms Storage

Wire partitions and cages are suitable for both home and professional use for storing firearms. The heavy-duty 10-gauge wire mesh offers high-visibility for visually tracking and monitoring firearms inventory and locking cage doors prevent access by unauthorized personnel.

Gun cages can be fitted inside your firearm retail store using the current storage structures, or you can create an independent four-sided cage with an optional roof for added security.

Pallet Rack Protection

On occasion, poor loading technique or unbalanced pallets can fall from pallet rack systems and not only damage costly inventory but also potentially injure warehouse employees.

Wire partitions can be customized to fit your current pallet rack system to protect your inventory from theft, falls, or accidental damage. They can be fitted to either side of single or double rack systems with sliding doors for easy picking and loading. The wire partitions are modular and can grow with your storage system. They are easy to install and offer a cost-effective way to improve the safety and efficiency of your warehouse.

Tool Storage

The most common use for wire partitions is to construct tool storage cages in warehouses and other industrial settings. Unprotected tools pose a significant risk to warehouse employees and can cost companies thousands to replace lost or damaged equipment. A tool cage allows authorized personnel to track and maintain picking and handling tools, protective gear, and other essential items.

Tools cages are constructed from tough wire mesh panels welded to a heavy-duty frame which is attached to posts that are anchored to the floor or wall creating a highly stable and secure area. The panels can range from 4 -5 feet high and 1 -10 feet wide but can be customized to suit your tool storage needs.

Wire tool cages are easy to assemble and disassemble, which allows you the flexibility to move the cage around your facility according to the needs of the layout.

Tool cages offer high visibility for monitoring equipment usage, and the open design of the mesh allows for easy access for fire suppression systems in case of an electrical fire.

Machinery Safety Guards

Heavy machinery, conveyors, and electrical panels all pose a serious safety risk to warehouse employees. Adequate protection against accidental injury from machinery is required in all warehouses according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

Wire partitions separate warehouse personnel and machinery with a heavy-duty barrier constructed from tough wire mesh, that features lockable doors to prevent access by unauthorized personnel. The modular panels can be configured to save as much space as possible in the warehouse while still providing ample security for operating machinery.

Alternatively, a wire cage can be constructed alongside the partitioned area for workers to dress in protective gear or be admitted access.

Fall Protection

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards regarding the safety of workers in warehouses state that all walking and working surfaces above 4-feet high must have some form of fall protection installed along its edges.

The recommended height for guardrails on mezzanines and raised walkways is 44-inches. However, in some cases, such as when using picking tools or heavy machinery on the upper levels, double height steel guards are not high enough to protect against overbalancing or accidental falls.

Wire partition barriers, which can reach a height of more than 60-inches, offer ample protection to prevent falls and are constructed with 10-guage wire mesh and 14-guage steel posts colored high-visibility yellow which comply with other OSHA standards regarding the capacity of guards on upper levels.


For multilevel facilities that feature stairways, a wire cage can help to secure upper levels from unauthorized personnel. The cage allows an unobstructed view of the stairway for better safety and visibility but can be equipped with sliding or hinged doors that feature locks from a simple padlock to higher-level security biometric locks.

Loading Docks

One of the busiest and most hazardous areas in the warehouse is the loading dock. With personnel constantly coming and going, there may be instances where you need to limit access or create waiting areas for drivers to prevent injury on hazardous machinery or materials.

A driver cage can be configured around the loading dock as a single, 2- or 3- sided partition or a 4-sided fully enclosed cage. Access in and out of the cage can be via hinged or sliding doors and service windows can also be added. Doors can be equipped with a variety of locks depending on your security needs, including keys, card reader, number pads, or biometric locks.

Driver cages can also act as emergency exits for your facility when equipped with hinged doors and a full width push bar.

Final Thoughts

Wire partitions and cages enhance safety and security across a number of applications. To learn more about how you can create a safer work environment in your facility, talk to one of our experts at Shelving +Rack Systems, Inc on 800-589-7225.